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Pope warns of threat to freedom of religion

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Benedict XVI warned visiting U.S. bishops that “radical secularism” threatens the core values of American culture, and he called on the church in America, including politicians and other laypeople, to render “public moral witness” on crucial social issues.

While acknowledging the “genuine difficulties” facing the church in the United States, the pope concluded on a hopeful note, pointing to a growing appreciation for “Judeo-Christian” civic values, and a “new generation of Catholics,” who he said will play a “decisive role in renewing the Church’s presence and witness in American society.”

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Whether Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist, moral relativism and the secularization of our society is having an erosive effect on traditional understandings of religion in America. However, the true revelatory religion of the Spirit - personal spiritual experience - can be a light in the wilderness for anyone who is a truthseeker, regardless of the drawbacks and limitations of institutional religion.

Here are a couple of Urantia Book pages that can help shed some light on these issues:

Secular Totalitarianism


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Personal Spiritual Eperience

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