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Four New Parenting Categories

When it comes to parenting, there are a lot of different styles one can use to raise children and prepare them for the real world.

Many years ago famed psychologist Diana Baumrind broke down three types of parenting that was heavily examined by educators, other psychologists and parents alike.

She came up with the authoritarian parent, who uses a my-way-or-the-highway type of parenting style. And the authoritative parent who's more willing to listen to their children’s wants instead of ignoring them.

There's also the permissive parent who just wants to make their kids happy at any financial or emotional cost.

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further.


There are several styles of parenting that are addressed in the article. Which kind are you? The Urantia Book extols family, children, marriage and parenting in the strongest terms

We have put together a comprehensive study on Family Life HERE, and on Children HERE

And, no matter what your parenting style, all parents can use spiritual truth and spiritual tools to help in their important job. In the following link, you'll find a wealth of good ideas to guide your youngsters in spiritual ways. Read about it HERE

Link to External Source Article

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