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Number One Series - Finding Jesus

The search for Jesus goes on - and on. Are we the only ones who have noticed that Jesus is the hottest topic around these days? There has been an explosion of news articles, books, movies, and now, this CNN television series called Finding Jesus.

"A new CNN original series investigating the evidence behind the story of Jesus of Nazareth has been rated the channel's #1 original series since its release earlier this month. Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery aired its second episode Sunday.

"The six-part series offers exciting insight into archaeological artifacts supporting the gospel story, as well as telling the story of the life of Jesus through relics such as the Shroud of Turin, the burial box of Jesus' brother James, and relics venerated as the True Cross.

"And audiences are loving it. "

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This series looks very good. Even if you're reading this blog after the fact, it would be good to find it online and take a look.

And, what's not to love? The world just can't seem to get enough of Jesus, even though there is, comparatively speaking, only a smattering of information regarding the man, the God, and the life he lived available through Scripture. The artifacts that are explored in this CNN series are tantalizing, but...

What if you could read the true account of Jesus' life - a true accounting that has been recorded and preserved by celestial eyewitnesses who were there?

Well, you can!

Urantia Book readers are now all over the world, and the story of the bestowal mission of the Son of God to our sorry little planet is a story that enthralls and delights every seeker who finds it. It is a story that puts into true and accurate perspective the man that is known as Jesus of Nazareth ... the Master of Capernaum ... the Scribe of Damascus ...the Son of God, Son of Man.

Is it the same story that is told in the Bible? Well, yes and no ... yes, the stories of his baptism, his apostles, the mission that they embarked upon to spread the teachings of the Kingdom of God, the miracles, and his death and resurrection are re-told in The Urantia Book - "re-stated," as the book describes it. And what a re-statement! Not only are all the familiar stories told, but with rich detail never before seen ... with context of place and time as never before seen ... with depth of meaning never before seen.

But the early years of the Master's life are revealed, too. Not only the stories of his adolescent adventures in the temple that we know from the Bible, but details of the very early years of his life are revealed; his birth, infancy, young childhood, adolescence and all the way up to his attainment of full adulthood. Jesus was the eldest of nine children of Mary and Joseph; he raised his younger siblings after Joseph's untimely death, and the stories of his parenting style are superb. Jesus traveled extensively; all of those journeys are recounted. He made a 2-year tour of the Roman world as a tutor to a young Indian boy and interpreter for the boy's father. He led a caravan across the desert - not once, but twice! Jesus led an incredibly interesting life, as you might expect from one who was not only a man, but God himself!

The time is so ripe for discovering this story of Jesus - the true story of his real identity, where he came from, and where he is today; the true story of his mission to our world and its repercussions for all of us. But most of all, the true story of how he lived, what he believed, and the religion that he practiced and taught. Knowing these details of Jesus' life provides a blueprint for all generations of human beings on how to live one's life as a son of God - how to learn to trust God - how to treat our fellow human beings - how to love.

Lastly, knowing this true story of Jesus provides the truest and most accurate picture of God that any of us will ever have on this earth and in this life of the flesh. Jesus said more than once: "He who has seen me has seen the Father." That's a strong statement; and when we read the story of Jesus' life, we truly do see a God who is filled with love, a God who is fair, tolerant, forgiving, and merciful. A God we can gladly and gratefully love for his goodness. A God who does not inspire fear, but love and devotion.

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