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New survey finds social seniors are healthier, happier

A new UK study announced May 28 states that the secret to staying healthy in your golden years is having a good social life and staying active.

In a survey funded by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council, elderly people reported a higher quality of life when they could move around, take care of basic needs, and have friends and family with whom they could socialize. Another key to happiness, cited by the researchers, is resourcefulness, such as being able to compensate when they can no longer do the things they could before.

This study follows another from 2008 by the Harvard School of Public Health in the US that found that elderly people who have an active social life have a slower rate of memory decline as they age.

A few other factors can play into your healthy longevity - the most essential being good genes. Last year a massive genetic study, published in Science, found that people who lived to extreme old ages had one of 19 different gene profiles, and tended to be unusually healthy, free from the diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia, until well into their 90s.


Please click HERE to see the rest of the article...way down at the bottom, "religion" is cited as playing a "major role" in healthy aging.

And from The Urantia Book - some good advice:

156:5.18 As you grow older in years and more experienced in the affairs of the kingdom, are you becoming more tactful in dealing with troublesome mortals and more tolerant in living with stubborn associates? Tact is the fulcrum of social leverage, and tolerance is the earmark of a great soul. If you possess these rare and charming gifts, as the days pass you will become more alert and expert in your worthy efforts to avoid all unnecessary social misunderstandings. Such wise souls are able to avoid much of the trouble which is certain to be the portion of all who suffer from lack of emotional adjustment, those who refuse to grow up, and those who refuse to grow old gracefully.

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