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Peruvian perspective on spiritual healing

Gift of the Jaguar by John Franklin, with Sharon Franklin, combines the healing traditions of Peru with a spiritual story of self-discovery

LYNCHBURG, Va. (MMD Newswire) December 16, 2009 -- An ethnographical novel set in the Andes of Peru, Gift of the Jaguar by Drs. John and Sharon Franklin weaves the tale of a youth's passage into adulthood-with the help of one scary cat.

On the verge of his 18th birthday and ready to take on his own plot of land and the responsibilities that come along with it, Juan is still plagued by dreams of his older sister Marta, who died when he was a young boy. When a deadly, black jaguar begins to stalk him, Juan discovers a powerful connection to the creature that is both a threat and a symbol of his fear of death. The shaman grandfather of his love interest, Rosa, sends Juan on a journey to a holy peak in the Peruvian Andes to discover the truth about his sister and his destiny.

Kirkus Discoveries testifies, "...the Franklins write with a deliberate precision that recalls the simple rhetorical grace of Peter Matthieson-specifically The Snow Leopard, another story of spiritual growth that focuses on the pursuit of an elusive beast. This is high praise, for Matthieson is a modern master, and the Franklins might be on their way. Truly a gift."

Gift of the Jaguar is based on the Franklins' many trips to Peru, where they have traveled since the early ‘90s from their home near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. "From the Andean Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest, we've taken groups of health care professionals and others to work with native Peruvian healers," says John. "In Gift of the Jaguar, the reader can experience the healing traditions of an ancient culture from a contemporary perspective on mind-body-spiritual wellness."

Dr. Theo Paredes, noted cultural anthropologist and a native of Peru, says "many people have an understanding of the ancient teachings of Peruvian culture, but only a few truly embody their essence in the way that John and Sharon do."

Gift of the Jaguar is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Authors

Drs. John and Sharon Franklin, licensed veterinarians, sold their animal hospital in 1999. John has since become a certified practitioner of Zero Balancing and of Feldenkrais and Awareness through Movement. Sharon is a Gold Seal flight instructor and teaches the principles of wellness and financial success through an all-green health and wellness product company. The couple lives in Lynchburg, where they run a home-based business that explores the well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

This is an interesting new book, and by clicking on "external source," you will be able to view a video, and find out much more about this new book

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