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My thoughts after reading As Jesus Passed By

The Urantia Book says “And it behooves the Master’s followers in all ages to learn to minster as ‘they pass by’– to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties.” (The Urantia Book 171:7.10) Doing “unselfish good” is not just opening doors for people, smiling at people, making eye contact, or even just making someone feel like they’ve been noticed and seen but it is also avoiding being negative. Sometimes it’s easy to do these good things for people but do we ever really look at the negative things we do towards people?

Lately, I’ve been having a very hard time with road rage. This never used to be an issue but I catch myself yelling at other cars to merge, speed up, slow down, etc. Changing this before it becomes a pattern is one way I can do good throughout my day. I personally believe in vibes and energy and if I am yelling at people, even though they can’t hear me, they can feel it. We need to send good energy to people as much as possible...


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And, here is the piece that inspired this reader to amend her behavior: "As Jesus Passed By"

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