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Most Americans believe in angels

Children dress like angels for a church Christmas pageant. (Bethany Clarke / Getty Images)

Those heavenly hosts we sing about at Christmastime remain a real presence for the majority of Americans, and nearly all Christians, who believe in angels.

An Associated Press poll conducted this month found that at least three in four adults think angels exist.

Belief levels were highest among evangelicals (95 percent) and those attending religious services weekly (94 percent).

And it’s not just angels, either. America’s one of the most religious developed nations and we have an inkling for the supernatural of all kinds, it seems.


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We sure believe in angels, too - and with good reason...they really DO exist!!!

And, at this most celestial of seasons, we hope you'll visit our ANGEL PAGE to find out more about our heavenly helpers...

92:5.5 "... there is an instinctive longing in the heart of evolutionary man for help from above and beyond."

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