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Jesus Introduces us to the Holy Spirit

Jesus teaches his Apostles that the Holy Spirit will accompany them and support them in their pilgrimage of faith. Perhaps this year we can observe the days between now and Pentecost as a special time of prayer to the Holy Spirit. Let us ask him to stand by us and to help us to grow in knowledge and understanding so that we might echo the apostolic witness of the Church in all of our words and deeds.

There are only a handful of instances in the Gospels when Jesus speaks directly about the Holy Spirit. This is one of them (John 15;26-16:4a). Speaking to the Apostles during the Last Supper, Jesus wants to strengthen them for the trial ahead. He tells them about the Spirit, who will help them in the dark days to come

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Catholic teachings are pretty close to Urantia Book teachings in many ways, and this is one of them. It is good to know that all of us sincere religionists know about and believe in this good Spirit of Truth which Jesus bestowed on all flesh.

The Urantia Book provides some of the best teachings and revelation of this Spirit of Truth - what it is exactly, and how it helps each of us in our search for truth. This is one of my favorite quotes about the Spirit of Truth:

194:2.1 Jesus lived on earth and taught a gospel which redeemed man from the superstition that he was a child of the devil and elevated him to the dignity of a faith son of God. Jesus’ message, as he preached it and lived it in his day, was an effective solvent for man’s spiritual difficulties in that day of its statement. And now that he has personally left the world, he sends in his place his Spirit of Truth, who is designed to live in man and, for each new generation, to restate the Jesus message so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for man’s ever-new and varied spiritual difficulties.

We have put together a collection of passages regarding the Spirit of Truth. From there, you'll be able to read in greater depth about this comforter who ministers to each of us yet today...

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