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Man Seeks God: A Guide To World Religions

We are a spiritually promiscuous nation. Nearly one out of three Americans will change their religious affiliation over the course of their lifetime. And why not? We are blessed with more religious and spiritual choices than ever before in human history. Everything from Sufism to Buddhism to Unitarian Universalism is available, often only a mouse click away. But how to choose? There is no Consumer Reports for world religions. That's a shame.

After a health scare, I embarked on a worldwide search for a faith that fits. I spent the past three years diving waist-deep into several of the world's major religions -- and a few minor ones as well. I explored a variety pack of faiths: monotheistic, polytheistic and even atheistic ones. I journeyed to the source of each religion, traveling to Kathmandu for Buddhism to Israel for Kabbalah, to China for Taoism. Along the way, I reached some conclusions about the appeal, and drawbacks, that each religion offers. Here is my informal guide to five of my favorite faiths. Not exactly a Consumer Reports, but close.



Franciscan Catholics




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Of course, when you click below, you'll be able to read the author's evaluation of all these religions in the body of the article

If you "search" the word Buddhism in The Urantia Book, you'll get a wealth of hits, but please see Buddhism, Judaism, and Taoism as well..

The wonderful thing about following the teachings of The Urantia Book - most specifically the religion of Jesus, is that one can feel quite comfortable in the confines of many schools of religious thought and certainly in the fellowship of truthseeking religionists.

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