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Let's Watch Some Jesus Movies!

This looked like a good article that our readers might like to see: My Turn Lenten offering: Best films starring Jesus By Don Lechman.

We'll offer a new movie about Jesus you may not have seen yet in our blog (below), but here's a partial list of the 10 favorites that are listed in this article. Did yours make the cut?


2. "BEN HUR" (1959)

3. "KING OF KINGS" (1961)


5. "SPARTACUS" (1960)

Click to read the author's comments about his picks, and to see the entire list


People have been making movies about Jesus since movies were invented, back in the early 20th century - that's probably 100 years of movies about the Master! Some are very good - I remember seeing some of these films in the article - Ben-Hur was one of my favorites as a teen, and The Robe (another favorite in the article) was an Easter staple for many years - it probably still is in many places. There was one in the group that I had not heard of...called The Fourth Wise looks good, and is a new spin on the Magi.

Since discovering The Urantia Book it's been harder for this reader of the revelation to find and enjoy movies about Jesus just because there's a such a limited amount of material available, i.e., moviemakers have had to rely on information in the New Testament as their source, and there are only so many ways to treat this familiar material. On the other hand, The Urantia Book is crammed with new material about Jesus - his life, his teachings, the "missing years," his family, the apostles...there's a long list of possible screenplays contained in The Urantia Book!

So, it's been a great joy to discover that a devoted reader decided to take on the challenge of creating a movie about Jesus using the new and revealed material in PART IV.

Re-Imagining Jesus is a feature length film based on the matchless story of Jesus' ministry in The Urantia Book. The film is accompanied by a lovely and original musical score composed by critically acclaimed composer and Urantia Book reader, Gary Deinstadt. The film is narrated by David Kantor, Jennifer Siegel, and Stephen Zendt.

Now, in this Lenten season of 2017, we are happy to announce that Re-Imagining Jesus has been remastered (complete with closed-captions) and is better than ever!

* Click here to see the remastered movie now *

And you may wish to access the official poster as well. You can find it in the TruthBook gallery, where you’ll be able to print it out, if you so wish. Click here to download the printable poster.

David spent five years in the production of this superb film. Much of it is filmed in the very places where Jesus lived and launched his momentous preaching missions; the footage of many of the important places in the master's ministry, such as the Jordan River and Mt Hermon, are beautiful, even today. Archaeology plays a part in the discovery of Jesus' missions, giving the viewer a fuller understanding of life in Jesus' times.

Modern seekers of Jesus are thirsty for more of Jesus than has been available for 20 centuries. Re-Imagining Jesus is meant to engage any and all followers of the Master, and it is hoped that this new view of Jesus will open meaningful discussion among all those who seek a deeper understanding, and a closer walk, with Jesus.

Highlights of the film include:

  • The classic New Testament story illuminated with detail from The Urantia Book's biography of Jesus
  • Beautiful footage of seldom seen places associated with some of the most important events in the Master's life
  • Detailed maps providing important geographic orientation
  • Timeline of events between the baptism in the Jordan and the resurrection
  • A compelling story about his primary mission -- the revelation of a spiritual kingdom accessible here and now
  • Closed-captioning

We encourage you to set aside some time during this Lenten season; maybe plan a family movie night, or even a neighborhood movie night, and make it an occasion to share with your family, friends, church associates or neighbors.

From The Urantia Book:

196:1.2 The time is ripe to witness the figurative resurrection of the human Jesus from his burial tomb amidst the theological traditions and the religious dogmas of nineteen centuries. Jesus of Nazareth must not be longer sacrificed to even the splendid concept of the glorified Christ. What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions!

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