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Judas' Betrayal of Jesus Challenged by Ancient Text

Did Judas really betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, as the Bible states?

New study findings suggest a long-lost gospel, The Gospel of Judas, that challenges the biblical version of the tale may have to be taken a bit more seriously.

The text casts Judas as a co-conspirator of Jesus, rather than a betrayer, who turned Jesus over to the authorities for execution upon Jesus' request as part of a plan to release his spirit from his body. Written in a fragmented Coptic (Egyptian)-language, a 2006 National Geographic Society investigation of the document originally drew red flags for the chemicals used in the ink. That is, until documents from third century A.D at the Louvre changed the researchers' minds.

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This story surfaced over 5 years ago, and it caused quite a stir then, even though there was some controversy regarding the actual age of the document. Now, there have been developments that effectively place the writing of these documents at the third century, and so the consensus seems to be now that the documents are legitimately in the "early Christian" era.

The documents may be legit, but again, we question the content of this "gospel of Judas." Could it be true that the Master said one thing, acted one way, and yet believed differently? Was Judas really a co-conspirator with Jesus regarding his betrayal and arrest? How-and why-was the so-called "gospel of Judas written so far after the fact? And by whom? And why would Jesus need a human "co-conspirator" to accomplish his mission?

Reader/students of The Urantia Book have been given a striking picture of Judas - as well as Jesus - and the circumstances of the last weeks of Jesus' life. It seems highly unlikely, given the revelation of The Urantia Book, that Judas was somehow a far closer compatriot of Jesus than the events as related in the book. This would undermine all we know about Jesus and his final days on earth.

Back then we were prompted to create a study about Judas and his evolution as the one apostle who had the capacity to betray Jesus. The Urantia Book accounts of Judas-his personality, his problems, his outlook on life-are believable and logical. AND - as all other accounts of events from The Urantia Book - these accounts are given by celestial beings who were eyewitness to the factual events. Please see our study of JUDAS ISCARIOT to decide for yourself...

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