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Joseph: Quiet Heroism

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This article just jumped out at me: Joseph, Father Of Jesus: The Quiet Heroism Of A Christian Role Model by Peggy Fletcher Stack. It imaginatively describes Jesus' earth father, Joseph, in the traditional ways, and will, I am sure, be of great interest to all who may have wondered about Joseph. See our blog below about Joseph in The Urantia Book; but first, here are some snippets from the article:

"Your fiancée is pregnant and not by you. Her baby is adored by many, who flock for just a glimpse of the newborn son. You are tasked with protecting them both. It is your job to teach a kid — seen as the son of the Almighty — how to work, how to pray, how to heed God.

"To top it off, you are the only imperfect member of the Holy Family, so when mess-ups happen, guess who gets the blame.

“ 'How do you live in a family where everyone is perfect except you?' asked the Rev. Kenneth Vialpando, pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Ogden, Utah.

"Joseph’s quiet heroism often goes overlooked in the Christmas story and in many Nativity scenes, where kings, angels, shepherds, sometimes cattle, upstage him. He doesn’t even make it into most paintings of mother and child.

"Yet there is something profound and compelling in Joseph, who has become a patron saint to Roman Catholic stepfathers and a role model for all Christian dads."

Click to read the article.


The Urantia Book Celebrates Joseph

This article describes Jesus' earth father, Joseph, in the traditional ways, and will, I am sure, be of great interest to all who have only the scanty Biblical accounts of Joseph. After all, this is after centuries of acceptance that 1) Mary's child was fathered by someone other-than-Joseph and 2) that Joseph was the only "mere mortal" in the Nazareth household.

Poor Joseph has always been upstaged by the belief that Mary was so special...sometimes, if you take Scripture as inerrant, you have to wonder what Joseph was really doing there, except to lend respectability and material support to his perfect (and pregnant) young wife.

Well, this jumped out at me because being a Urantia Book reader, I am privileged to know a lot more about Joseph and Mary. And I want to share some of that with you today. 

The Urantia Book presents the parents of Jesus as one might imagine the parents of a truly human child might be. It tells us their heritage, their characters, their personality traits, and what their lives were like, both before and after Jesus arrived. We learn the actual events following Jesus conception, and we learn that Joseph was, indeed, Jesus' earthly father, as well as Mary's loving husband. Jesus carried Mary and Joseph's DNA in his blood, and inherited some of their best characteristics in his development. They were carefully chosen for this role.

"Gabriel made the personal choice of Joseph and Mary, subsequently making his personal appearance to Mary, at which time he imparted to her the glad tidings that she had been selected to become the earth mother of the bestowal child."

This in no way affects the fact of Jesus' Divinity. His incarnation as a human child was real - he was a true human being. But through the greatest mystery of the ages, Jesus was also the incarnated Son of God. The Urantia Book calls Jesus "a miraculous person."

But back to Joseph. Precious little has been known about this important figure in Jesus' life until the reception of The Urantia Book. If you want the know "the rest of the story," please see our topical study on Joseph of Nazareth HERE. He had a great impact on Jesus through his boyhood, until his untimely death when Jesus was 14 years-old. But from him, Jesus learned the best qualities of a good father - qualities that allowed him to take his father's place as head-of-household to his large, now-fatherless family when Joseph was suddenly killed in a construction accident.

Eventually, as the teachings of The Urantia Book seep into human consciousness, Joseph may finally receive the respect due him - as the real human father of of the human Jesus. For now, we recommend visiting our topical study about this important figure in Jesus' life; in addition, you can read more about the times and the personalities that impacted Jesus' life in those early days by reading Paper 122, Birth and Infancy of Jesus.

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