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Jesus the world's first tweeter, Vatican says

Jesus Christ was the world's first tweeter because his pronouncements were "brief and full of meaning", Vatican cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi said Wednesday.

Christ "used tweets before everyone else, with elementary phrases made up of fewer than 45 characters like 'Love one another'", said Ravasi, the Vatican's equivalent of a culture minister.

"A bit like in television today, he delivered a message through a story or a symbol," Ravasi said at a conference with Italy's leading newspaper editors.

The cardinal emphasized the importance of clergy making full use of modern-day computer technology.

"If a cleric, a pastor is not interested in communication, they are defying their duty," he said.

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It stands to reason that one might think that Jesus would have been a good Tweeter...the accounts of his life and teachings that have survived the 2000+ years since his visitation to earth are definitely short. But, when one thinks about the fact that Jesus lived a life of 30+ years on this planet, it is a true pity that so little of his actual teachings have come down to us through the ages.

Fortunately for the world, the celestials who authored The Urantia Book saw our need. The spiritual beings who accompanied Jesus throughout his life - the Midwayers - are the planet's historians. They are eyewitnesses to all that happens on our little world, and the incarnation of a Son of God on Earth was suich an amazing event, that you can be sure that each word that the Master uttered was recorded, every move he made was chronicled.

Of course we don't have ALL of Jesus' life in The Urantia Book, but we do have the most complete accounting of his life - and his teachings - that has ever been seen.

All this is by means of saying that, while Jesus may have been a master of the one-liner, (and I am sure he would also be the master of truth in 240 characters or less) he was also a master teacher and a master speaker. He delivered many, many sermons, discourses, parables, talks and instructions to his apostles and followers throughout his life - not only during the three or so years of his public ministry.

Please see THIS LINK, where you'll find a wealth of Jesus' talks. He really had quite a lot to say to us...

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