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Jesus: The Very Human, Very Single Savior

"Thank you to my television Friends Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross! After years of "traditional" families on television such as the Keatons, Huxtables and Seavers, I was relieved to have stories of single people featured on the airwaves beginning in the mid-1990s.

  • If our savior was a 30-something single adult, why is there such a large disconnect between single young adults and Mainline Protestantism?
  • What would change in our congregations if we frequently remembered that Jesus was also a single young adult?
  • Would focus our outreach on all young adults regardless of marital status and family structure instead of primarily concentrating our attention on 'young families'?"

This article is celebrating the fact that Jesus was a single man. In a time when one might feel separate because of not being "paired," these folks have an ally and friend in the Master.

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The Urantia Book tells us that Jesus did think about marriage, but he decided that he just could not include that life in his mission:

127:5.4 Then began that eventful talk with Rebecca. Thus far in his life, Jesus had made little distinction in his association with boys and girls, with young men and young women. His mind had been altogether too much occupied with the pressing problems of practical earthly affairs and the intriguing contemplation of his eventual career “about his Father’s business” ever to have given serious consideration to the consummation of personal love in human marriage. But now he was face to face with another of those problems which every average human being must confront and decide. Indeed was he “tested in all points like as you are.”

After listening attentively, he sincerely thanked Rebecca for her expressed admiration, adding, “it shall cheer and comfort me all the days of my life.” He explained that he was not free to enter into relations with any woman other than those of simple brotherly regard and pure friendship. He made it clear that his first and paramount duty was the rearing of his father’s family, that he could not consider marriage until that was accomplished; and then he added: “If I am a son of destiny, I must not assume obligations of lifelong duration until such a time as my destiny shall be made manifest.”

127:6.8 It was during this year that Mary had a long talk with Jesus about marriage. She frankly asked him if he would get married if he were free from his family responsibilities. Jesus explained to her that, since immediate duty forbade his marriage, he had given the subject little thought. He expressed himself as doubting that he would ever enter the marriage state; he said that all such things must await “my hour,” the time when “my Father’s work must begin.” Having settled already in his mind that he was not to become the father of children in the flesh, he gave very little thought to the subject of human marriage.

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