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JesusThe Faith Healer

Here's a good article in the popular Christian press about the healing of the woman with the scourging hemorrhage - a healing which is followed closely by the raising of Jairus' daughter from what appeared to be the sleep of death. The article is called: Jesus loves you, doesn't want you to suffer by Charles Placker. In both the Bible and The Urantia Book, these two stories are presented together, the first leading into the second. Jairus had implored Jesus to heal his daughter, and while on the way to Jairus' house, Jesus encounters the afflicted woman, who touches the hem of his robe and is healed of her infirmity. Please see our blog below, but first, here's a snip from the article, which presents a unique view of it all...a good view:

"As the boat comes toward the shore, the clear air from the storm the night before has brought a crowd to see which boats have weathered the storm. The people of Capernium are watching as they see the boat carrying the popular Rabbi who is said to perform miracles.

"As the boat comes to land, the leader of the synagogue named Jairus pleads with Jesus to come to his sick daughter's bed. As Jesus walks with Jairus, suddenly he stopped.

"At this point, Mark tells a whole new story. As they walked Jesus stopped in the midst of the crowd and said, "Someone touched me." A woman steps forth. She has had a flow of blood for 12 years and now that she has touched the Rabbi, she is cured.

"In our hurry to have Jesus reach the dying girl, we somehow see this story as less significant. The disciples did also, and the father of the sick child, especially. But to Jesus, this woman is important. He touches people where they are.

"She had been to all the doctors and suffered from the remedies as much as her ailment. They have taken her money and given no help in return. Her life has been on hold for 12 years. She was not only unclean physically, she was also ritually. Her life was on hold, and she was dying a little every day. Still, we tend to want Jesus to get on to the sick child. This woman was unclean with her disease, yet somehow, no one but Jesus cares."

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Unexplained Healing Phenomena

Yes, the woman with the scourging emorrhage is a fascinating story - in The Urantia Book and in the Bible, it is explained as a healing resulting from the woman's faith. And as the writer of the article points out, it seems almost a side-story while we wait to find out about Jairus' daughter. But, far from a side-story, here we present an interesting commentary by the Urantia Book authors of the Jesus Papers regarding the amazing number of healings that took place when Jesus was present during this period of his life:

149:1.2 There began to appear about the time of this mission—and continued throughout the remainder of Jesus' life on earth—a peculiar and unexplained series of healing phenomena. In the course of this three months' tour more than one hundred men, women, and children from Judea, Idumea, Galilee, Syria, Tyre, and Sidon, and from beyond the Jordan were beneficiaries of this unconscious healing by Jesus and, returning to their homes, added to the enlargement of Jesus' fame. And they did this notwithstanding that Jesus would, every time he observed one of these cases of spontaneous healing, directly charge the beneficiary to "tell no man."

It was never revealed to us just what occurred in these cases of spontaneous or unconscious healing. The Master never explained to his apostles how these healings were effected, other than that on several occasions he merely said, "I perceive that power has gone forth from me." On one occasion he remarked when touched by an ailing child, "I perceive that life has gone forth from me."

In fact, the Master declared a similar thing when the woman with the hemorrhage touched his robe:

152:0.2 As Jesus went along with Jairus, the large crowd which had heard the father's request followed on to see what would happen. Shortly before they reached the ruler's house, as they hastened through a narrow street and as the throng jostled him, Jesus suddenly stopped, exclaiming, "Someone touched me." And when those who were near him denied that they had touched him, Peter spoke up: "Master, you can see that this crowd presses you, threatening to crush us, and yet you say `someone has touched me.' What do you mean?" Then Jesus said: "I asked who touched me, for I perceived that living energy had gone forth from me."

And of course, we know the rest of the story, presented here in its entirety from The Urantia Book:

As Jesus looked about him, his eyes fell upon a near-by woman, who, coming forward, knelt at his feet and said: "For years I have been afflicted with a scourging hemorrhage. I have suffered many things from many physicians; I have spent all my substance, but none could cure me. Then I heard of you, and I thought if I may but touch the hem of his garment, I shall certainly be made whole. And so I pressed forward with the crowd as it moved along until, standing near you, Master, I touched the border of your garment, and I was made whole; I know that I have been healed of my affliction."

When Jesus heard this, he took the woman by the hand and, lifting her up, said: "Daughter, your faith has made you whole; go in peace." It was her faith and not her touch that made her whole. And this case is a good illustration of many apparently miraculous cures which attended upon Jesus' earth career, but which he in no sense consciously willed. The passing of time demonstrated that this woman was really cured of her malady. Her faith was of the sort that laid direct hold upon the creative power resident in the Master's person. With the faith she had, it was only necessary to approach the Master's person. It was not at all necessary to touch his garment; that was merely the superstitious part of her belief. Jesus called this woman, Veronica of Caesarea Philippi, into his presence to correct two errors which might have lingered in her mind, or which might have persisted in the minds of those who witnessed this healing: He did not want Veronica to go away thinking that her fear in attempting to steal her cure had been honored, or that her superstition in associating the touch of his garment with her healing had been effective. He desired all to know that it was her pure and living faith that had wrought the cure.

How Did it Happen?

Here's more about this unusual healing phenomenon:

149:1.4 In the absence of direct word from the Master regarding the nature of these cases of spontaneous healing, it would be presuming on our part to undertake to explain how they were accomplished, but it will be permissible to record our opinion of all such healing phenomena. We believe that many of these apparent miracles of healing, as they occurred in the course of Jesus' earth ministry, were the result of the coexistence of the following three powerful, potent, and associated influences:

1. The presence of strong, dominant, and living faith in the heart of the human being who persistently sought healing, together with the fact that such healing was desired for its spiritual benefits rather than for purely physical restoration.

2. The existence, concomitant with such human faith, of the great sympathy and compassion of the incarnated and mercy-dominated Creator Son of God, who actually possessed in his person almost unlimited and timeless creative healing powers and prerogatives.

3. Along with the faith of the creature and the life of the Creator it should also be noted that this God-man was the personified expression of the Father's will. If, in the contact of the human need and the divine power to meet it, the Father did not will otherwise, the two became one, and the healing occurred unconsciously to the human Jesus but was immediately recognized by his divine nature. The explanation, then, of many of these cases of healing must be found in a great law which has long been known to us, namely, What the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father wills IS.

It is, then, our opinion that, in the personal presence of Jesus, certain forms of profound human faith were literally and truly compelling in the manifestation of healing by certain creative forces and personalities of the universe who were at that time so intimately associated with the Son of Man. It therefore becomes a fact of record that Jesus did frequently suffer men to heal themselves in his presence by their powerful, personal faith.

Were all the Cures Miraculous?

The Urantia Book helps us all to understand more about the healings that have been assumed to be miracles; some were, but many were not, as explained in the passages above, where we discover that hundreds of people were beneficiaries of "unconscious healing by Jesus." Many were simple a result of the sufferer's faith, coupled with the experience of being in the actual presence of Jesus. Can you imagine what that must have been like? It is mind-boggling, not to mention mightily inspiring!

The story continues with the raising of Jairus' daughter - again, not a miracle, but Jesus had a hard time explaining it away:

152:1.2 Since there was much agitation in Capernaum against Jesus, he called the family together and explained that the maiden had been in a state of coma following a long fever, and that he had merely aroused her, that he had not raised her from the dead. He likewise explained all this to his apostles, but it was futile; they all believed he had raised the little girl from the dead. What Jesus said in explanation of many of these apparent miracles had little effect on his followers. They were miracle-minded and lost no opportunity to ascribe another wonder to Jesus. Jesus and the apostles returned to Bethsaida after he had specifically charged all of them that they should tell no man.

The authors of Part IV of the Urantia Book comment:

152:1.5 Never before Jesus was on earth, nor since, has it been possible so directly and graphically to secure the results attendant upon the strong and living faith of mortal men and women. To repeat these phenomena, we would have to go into the immediate presence of Michael, the Creator, and find him as he was in those days—the Son of Man. Likewise, today, while his absence prevents such material manifestations, you should refrain from placing any sort of limitation on the possible exhibition of his spiritual power. Though the Master is absent as a material being, he is present as a spiritual influence in the hearts of men. By going away from the world, Jesus made it possible for his spirit to live alongside that of his Father which indwells the minds of all mankind.

While the authors of The Urantia Book instruct us that many of the cures and healings that happened around Jesus were not miracles, they certainly do instruct us about which ones WERE real miracles. You can read about all of these miracles and some of the other amazing events that only seemed miraculous HERE

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