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Jesus' resurrection appearance to women

In all four of the New Testament gospels, women are the first to experience the resurrected Jesus. Mary, mother of Jesus, knew at his birth that generations would call her blessed. She was present throughout his crucifixion. Mary Magdalene's story from the Gospel of John is especially powerful: She talked with the risen Jesus as the rabbi who knew her personally.

Is the message of Easter different for women? The Herald-Leader asked faith bloggers and other female clergy for their response. Here are their edited remarks.

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Jesus did indeed change the way the world sees women in regards to spiritual equality. His recognition of women as spiritual equals with men was revolutionary in his day, and this recognition remains a challenge, even to 21st century societies.

Please see our dedicated page to Jesus and Women to read even more Urantia Book teachings about the Master's loving inclusion of women even into his mission on earth...

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