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Jesus Lives!

Here is another article in popular press making the case that the life - and death - of Jesus are fabricated and "probably not true." The article in question is called: Why the biblical stories about the last days and hours of Jesus are probably not true by Bart D. Ehrman

Please see our blog below, but here are a couple of significant snippets from this article that we want to address:

"How then did the later Gospel writers acquire their materials? How did they know about the Triumphal Entry, the cleansing of the Temple, the betrayal of Judas Iscariot, the trial before Pilate, and the rest? The scholarly answer: they knew these stories the way virtually all ancient Christians knew them. Someone told them.

"Among other things, these studies have shown that – contrary to what we may unreflectively think – eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable, whether describing a crime scene, a spectacular event, or a casual encounter. Were the Gospel reports based on eyewitness reports? It's an open question. If they were, would that in itself make them reliable?

"Studies have also shown how frail individual memory is – both memories of our own personal experiences and recollections of experiences told to us by others. We often forget, reshape, and transform our memories. Even more striking, we regularly create memories of things that did not occur at all. It happens all the time."

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What this author is saying is largely well-thought-out. And it's true that over generations of time, with mostly oral records, details of Jesus' life and death and resurrection were muddied, abridged, annotated, and otherwise changed, so that what we finally end up with in the New Testament stories are inconsistencies and sometimes, downright untruths. It's no wonder that modern-day people might surmise that none of it happened at all! The further we get from the actual events, the muddier our perceptions become, and the more pressing our doubts. We see more and more of these questions in our print media these days, even by Christian writers, and many end up wondering if Jesus really even existed at all!

But, even though the Biblical stories may be inconsistent, the fact remans that those stories hve been sufficient to bring countless souls to Jesus. The person of Jesus is the ONE consistent factor in an otherwise inconsistent account. But how can 21st century people KNOW?

Enter The Urantia Book

Early in the 20th century, an anonymous man in Chicago began speaking unusual messages of a spiritual nature while he slept; when awake, the man had no memory or knowledge of these strange nighttime happenings. When a psychiatrist was consulted, the doctor began making a study of this strange phenomenon, and could make no sense of it using his own professional experiences as reference. Over the next two-to-three decades, the messages continued unabated; eventually, great notice was taken by the doctor and others, who actually began engaging the unseen authors of these messages and writing them all down. By 1934, the messages were complete, and in 1955, they were compiled into book form and published under the title: The Urantia Book.

This Urantia Book, now in print for over 60 years, with hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the world, is an amazing and stupendous revelation of historical and spiritual truth to our world. It began in the early 1900s, as the world was getting ready to become embroiled in WWI, and was finished near the time of yet another terrible war, WWII. Its purpose is for the edification and spiritual uplift of the whole world. It contains over 2000 pages of information about God, about the universe, about our world (Urantia), about angels, religion, spirituality, world history (the true story of Adam and Eve and the Lucifer rebellion among others) - and finally, a complete restatement of the Life and Teachings of Jesus.


The article that is referenced above talks about the unreliability of eyewitnesses; and we would agree, if those eyewitnesses are mere human beings. In the case of The Urantia Book, the eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus were - and are - spiritual beings.

Most people understand, or at least have heard that Jesus Christ was a man, but also a divine being - God incarnate. And that story is correct. If one thinks about the import of such a statement, it might seem reasonable to assume that something like that might be of great significance, not only to us here on earth, but to those who dwell in more spiritual abodes from whence Jesus came. And that assumption would also be correct. The accounts of Jesus' life have never been "lost." The entire life of Jesus - everything he ever said and did - is recorded for eternity. It is only now, in The Urantia Book, that a large part of those recorded events are revealed to a world in desperate need of it.

The Urantia Book had to wait until a time when the world was ready for it: the printing press had to be invented, global commerce and communication had to have been established, and it came just ahead of the invention of the world-wide internet. In this way, the groundwork was laid for its global dissemination.

This long introduction to The Urantia Book - and the complete life and Teachings of Jesus - is given in the hopes that you who read it will be either drawn to explore its unique teachings including its accountings of Jesus' life, or to share this inspiring account of Jesus' life with others.

The Last Hours and Day of Jesus' Life

So, what DOES The Urantia Book reveal about the last week of Jesus' life? Are the Biblical accounts all wrong as the referenced article suggests? Well, yes and no. Most of the facts are correct, but the details are woefuly lacking, adding to the confusion and inconsistencies between the four gospel accounts.

In this Easter season, we invite you to read the REAL story of those dark final days of the Master's life in rich and never-before-seen detail.

Here's the REAL STORY!

Please click here to discover the real story of this most significant time in the Master's life. At the season of Easter, please immerse yourself in the story and pass it along to any who might want to know more about it, and especially to those who might harbor doubt about whether these things really happened. They did happen; and these stories, with their enlightening details preserved for centuries by the angels, will help any sincere seeker KNOW they're true. Why? Because when taken in the context of The Urantia Book as a whole, we learn who Jesus really was, what his mission really was, where he came from, and where he is now.

Yes - Jesus lives! And anyone who sincerely desires to know and understand the events of his life have found in The Urantia Book a TREASURE beyond compare! We wish you, the reader, a very blessed Easter season, and beyond!

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