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Jesus Films Old and New

Here's an article about a 35 year-old movie about Jesus that completely took me by surprise. It's called The Jesus Film...I was surprised because I never heard of it before!

Maybe you've seen it...according to the article, it has had a truly global effect on MILLIONS (!) of people. In the article, you'll read about the diverse persons who have found Jesus through this film over those 35 years. I'd like to see it! I do realize though, that Jesus has an incredible drawing power - undiminished in over 2000+ years. Properly presented by filmmakers who really know him, Jesus can't help but transform lives.

Click to read the article

The search for Jesus is nothing new. It has been ongoing for centuries, and, even after the world discovers Jesus through The Urantia Book, the quest for MORE of Jesus will be ongoing. Why? Because Jesus - the divinely incarnated human man - truly was, and is God to us. And there's never an end to the quest for God. The Urantia Book teaches:

106:7.5 No matter how much you may grow in Father comprehension, your mind will always be staggered by the unrevealed infinity of the Father-I AM, the unexplored vastness of which will always remain unfathomable and incomprehensible throughout all the cycles of eternity. No matter how much of God you may attain, there will always remain much more of him, the existence of which you will not even suspect. And we believe that this is just as true on transcendental levels as it is in the domains of finite existence. The quest for God is endless!

Are you wanting to know more of Jesus?

There are many films out in the world that have done good jobs of helping us see Jesus' life depicted for us. It's expanding when we can see the familiar stories acted out. I am going to look this one up and see what everyone's talking about.

But I know there is a lot more to Jesus ' life because I am a Urantia Book reader...what a collection of movies could be made from the pages of The Urantia Book's Part IV - The Life and Teachings of Jesus! Those are the movies that I am anxious to see - the ones that will tell even more stories from the Master's life. As we discover more about Jesus and how he lived, we gain a real window into the character of God, and his loving nature.

Good News!

Happily, progress is actually being made by Urantian artists who understand the importance of getting the real story of Jesus out to the world, and there is one NEW project in particular - just recently completed - that I'd like to invite you to see.

Click here for the movie announcement and link

The producer/director is David Kantor, a long-time reader/student/server; his documentary covers the time just after the death of John the Baptist...Jesus' baptism in the Jordan, up until his entrance into Jerusalem in the last week of his life.

"Re-Imagining Jesus" tells the Urantia Book story of Jesus' public ministry with the apostles. This is an important, compelling, true story, and is a great glimpse into the mind of the Master as he prepared and executed his mission of bringing a new revelation of God to man. Many of the locations mentioned in The Urantia Book are explored as they are today...synagogues, temples, cities...Mount Hermon...

The photography is superb and you'll feel like you are in a National Geographic's that good.

It's very exciting to see this film make its debut into the world, and hope you will enjoy it and pass it on. The film will soon be out on DVD, and is now being translated into Spanish

Knowing this part of Jesus' life is to discover some of the choicest events of his life...and to discover that MORE of Jesus you've been craving.

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