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Is Heaven an Actual Place?

Well, of course this title caught my attention: Where is heaven? What is the location of heaven? by - doesn't it interest you, too? Have you ever wondered whether heaven is an actual place? Or do you imagine it as a strictly spiritual realm where ethereal beings float about and pray and praise all the time?

In this article, the question is answered with a Catholic perspective. Our blog is below, but here are a few snippets from the article:

"The New Testament mentions heaven with considerable frequency. Yet, even with this frequency, detailed description of its location is missing. Perhaps God has intentionally covered its location in mystery, for it is more important for us to focus on the God of heaven than the description or location of it. It is more important to know the why than the where. The New Testament focuses on the purpose of heaven more than telling us what it is like or where it is. We have seen that hell is for separation and punishment (Matthew 8:12; 22:13). Heaven, on the other hand, is for fellowship and eternal joy and, more importantly, worshipping around the throne of God."

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A new Revelation of Heaven

We don't publish this blog to put down anyone's ideas ot theologies, but simply to introduce the new revelation of spiritual maters that we have found in The Urantia Book. We always hope that by telling others about the comforting, inspiring and realistic explanations of what has always seemed so mysterious in God's creation that many will live happier, less fearful lives.

And that's surely the case here. Don't know much about heaven? You have come to the right place!!! There are more than 500 references to "heaven" in The Urantia Book. Many are references to "the heavens," as descriptive of the realms on high, but the most informative description of what we will experience as heaven is found in this passage:

15:7.5 Jerusem, the headquarters of your local system of Satania, has its seven worlds of transition culture, each of which is encircled by seven satellites, among which are the seven mansion worlds of morontia detention, man's first postmortal residence. As the term heaven has been used on Urantia, it has sometimes meant these seven mansion worlds, the first mansion world being denominated the first heaven, and so on to the seventh.

What Did Jesus Say?

47:0.1 THE CREATOR SON, when on Urantia, spoke of the "many mansions in the Father's universe." In a certain sense, all fifty-six of the encircling worlds of Jerusem are devoted to the transitional culture of ascending mortals, but the seven satellites of world number one are more specifically known as the mansion worlds.

When Jesus spoke of the Father "many mansions," it was these worlds to which he referred - there are seven actual, physical worlds. When we die we will be transported to one of these worlds where we will continue much as we are here; we will eat, drink, learn, socialize and grow spiritually. As we progress, we will move forward until we have resided on each of these worlds in preparation for the next phase of our ascension experience.

We will receive new bodily forms on these worlds, and will continue to grow Godward. There is no magical or sudden transition from a physical being to a spiritual one; on the mansion worlds, we will be surrounded by - and our bodies will consist of - a transition-type of substance called "morontia material," explained here:

48:0.1 THE GODS cannot—at least they do not—transform a creature of gross animal nature into a perfected spirit by some mysterious act of creative magic. When the Creators desire to produce perfect beings, they do so by direct and original creation, but they never undertake to convert animal-origin and material creatures into beings of perfection in a single step.
The morontia life, extending as it does over the various stages of the local universe career, is the only possible approach whereby material mortals could attain the threshold of the spirit world. What magic could death, the natural dissolution of the material body, hold that such a simple step should instantly transform the mortal and material mind into an immortal and perfected spirit? Such beliefs are but ignorant superstitions and pleasing fables.
Always this morontia transition intervenes between the mortal estate and the subsequent spirit status of surviving human beings. This intermediate state of universe progress differs markedly in the various local creations, but in intent and purpose they are all quite similar. The arrangement of the mansion and higher morontia worlds in Nebadon is fairly typical of the morontia transition regimes in this part of Orvonton.

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A Comforting View

These revelations about the reality of life after death and the promise of resurrection and ascension are one of the greatest gifts of The Urantia Book. No longer do we have to wonder what will happen. No longer do we have to worry that our departed loved ones are safe or whether we'll ever see them again. Finally, we see the whole panorama of our afterlife explained in detail. The Father's ascension plan is in place for all of his children.

Said Jesus:

181:1.2 "When I have returned to live in you and work through you [as the Spirit of Truth], I can the better lead you on through this life and guide you through the many abodes in the future life in the heaven of heavens. Life in the Father's eternal creation is not an endless rest of idleness and selfish ease but rather a ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and glory. Each of the many, many stations in my Father's house is a stopping place, a life designed to prepare you for the next one ahead. And so will the children of light go on from glory to glory until they attain the divine estate wherein they are spiritually perfected even as the Father is perfect in all things. 

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And, by the way, The Urantia Book does not teach that there is a place called Hell. Very good news, indeed!

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