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If you take Him seriously, God will change your life

Q: How is my life going to change if I start taking God seriously? I want to, but I'm not sure what would be expected of me, because I've never met many real Christians. I know lots of casual Christians, of course, but not many who take it seriously. -- P.M.

A: One reason I wanted to reprint your letter is because you've pointed out a serious problem -- the problem of people who claim to be Christians but in reality don't take Jesus seriously.

But if Jesus Christ was who He said He was -- the divine Son of God -- and if He did for us what He claimed to do -- dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us eternal life -- then how can we take Him casually? The answer is, we can't -- because what happened some 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked this earth must be the most important event in human history. As the Bible says, "In him was life, and that life was the light of men" (John 1:4).

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I am adding this exchange between Billy Graham and an inquirer because, like Mr Graham, I think it touches on a very important point - both Biblically, and from a Urantia Book perspective on the life of Jesus. What is it that prevents people from really following the Jesus they claim to love and honor?

Please see "Christianity's Problem", wherein we read:

195:9.6 Primitive man lived a life of superstitious bondage to religious fear. Modern, civilized men dread the thought of falling under the dominance of strong religious convictions. Thinking man has always feared to be held by a religion. When a strong and moving religion threatens to dominate him, he invariably tries to rationalize, traditionalize, and institutionalize it, thereby hoping to gain control of it. By such procedure, even a revealed religion becomes man-made and man-dominated. Modern men and women of intelligence evade the religion of Jesus because of their fears of what it will do to them—and with them. And all such fears are well founded. The religion of Jesus does, indeed, dominate and transform its believers, demanding that men dedicate their lives to seeking for a knowledge of the will of the Father in heaven and requiring that the energies of living be consecrated to the unselfish service of the brotherhood of man.

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