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Talk to God: 5 Things Jesus Taught Us to Pray

Quite often I feel at a loss to know how to talk to God. How do I approach Him? What do I say to Him? What needs to be said?

I wasn’t born knowing how to pray. I wasn’t even born again knowing how to pray. I have to learn, and keep on learning, how to pray. And prayer–what to say to God–is best learned by learning about God, and about what He cares about.

That’s why Jesus is the master teacher on prayer: He understands what God cares about, and what we need from God. As the perfect union of deity and humanity, He is uniquely positioned to receive prayer as God, and offer prayer as a man.

Jesus knows how to talk to God.

So, when I feel at a loss to know how to pray, I return to the prayer Jesus taught His disciples.

I used to think of the Lord’s Prayer as just that: a prayer. But, I’ve learned that it’s both a simple prayer, and a profound pattern for prayer. In it, Jesus taught us about God, and what God cares about, and what we need from Him. We can talk to God about those things over and over, all our life long, in word and thought, song and silence.

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This is a fine piece on prayer, and if you read the whole article, you'll see that the author has taken the five elements of "The Lord's Prayer" and suggests that we can weave these elements into any prayer that we wish to make to the Father. The elements are: God's honor, God's Kingdom, God's provision, God's forgiveness, and God's power. The author identifies these five elements as constituting a pattern of prayer, and I could not disagree.

A fine practice, if all you have been taught is this prayer that Jesus gave to his family and to the apostles. The Lord's prayer is always appropriate.

In The Urantia Book, we learn that Jesus gave far more teachings about prayer...especially noteworthy are his two discourses on Prayer. You can read them starting HERE.

In between these 2 discourses, you can also read about the Lord's Prayer, or what The Urantia Book calls "The Believer's Prayer." Here's a small snippet from that section:

144:3.17 Jesus taught that effective prayer must be:

1. Unselfish—not alone for oneself.

2. Believing—according to faith.

3. Sincere—honest of heart.

4. Intelligent—according to light.

5. Trustful—in submission to the Father’s all-wise will.

And he taught so much more. Please go the link above, and read some of the most beautiful teachings on prayer, given by the Master.

Link to External Source Article

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