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How the Placebo Effect Proves That God Exists

Recently I published a post on the physiological and psychological effects of prayer and meditation. The piece summarized some of the latest scientific research on how spiritual practices help to lessen stress levels and improve our health. So I was surprised when many of the comments on the article focused less on the substance of these findings than on the reputed sins of religion.

This may sound hopelessly abstract and philosophical. But it is actually very concrete. We are talking about the most immediate and intimate reality of all. Allah in the Holy Koran proclaims, "I am closer to you than your own jugular vein."

What a strange thing for God to say! When we try to imagine Divinity, we generally picture an aloof and distant, somewhat tyrannical power external to ourselves which is dictating our fate. But here one of the world's foundational scriptures is suggesting that the truth is the reverse. If God is hard to find, it is not because the Divine is too far away, too lofty, too remote from our "fallen" human nature, it is because it is too close, too intimate, the very ground of our own essential selves.

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This is one man's opinion, written in his blog - please click to read the rest of the article. It is quite compatible with Urantia Book teachings, however...

3:1.4 The creature not only exists in God, but God also lives in the creature. “We know we dwell in him because he lives in us; he has given us his spirit. This gift from the Paradise Father is man’s inseparable companion.” “He is the ever-present and all-pervading God.” “The spirit of the everlasting Father is concealed in the mind of every mortal child.” “Man goes forth searching for a friend while that very friend lives within his own heart.” “The true God is not afar off; he is a part of us; his spirit speaks from within us.” “The Father lives in the child. God is always with us. He is the guiding spirit of eternal destiny.”

We have a topical study on this topic that will add to your understanding as well - see "God Indwelling Man"

Link to External Source Article

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