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Helping Children Know Jesus

If you are Catholic, you will enjoy this timely article about keeping Jesus alive for your kids: 7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Close to Jesus Christ by Amanda Evinger.

We would agreee that there's nothing more important than introducing your children to Jesus and keeping him and his teachings alive for them. See our blog below, where we'll explore this idea in greater detail with Urantia Book teachings, but first, here's a list of the seven ways, from the article cited:

#1. Know your enemy

#2. Fill your home with amazing Catholic materials of all kinds

#3. Make Christian music part of your daily life

#4. Use technology to your advantage

#5. Make faith a blast

#6. Love your kids like crazy, and make sure they know they are wanted

#7. Expose your children to the "real deals" of Catholicism

Click to read the entire article, which expands each of these ideas


Here at TruthBook, we celebrate any effort to assist kids in developing a spiritual life. There is plenty of goodness to go around in many institutional religions, such as Catholicism and others. But we who love The Urantia Book and who love the picture of Jesus presented in its pages, know that there is even more that we can do to help our kids. And much of it has to do with our own conduct.

So, we've decided to add a few suggestuons to the ones in the article:

Model Jesusonian behavior for your kids

The Urantia Book teaches that children are only permanently impressed by the loyalties of their adult associates - parents, teachers and others. This makes it doubly important that we model for our children the religious, moral, and ethical beliefs that we cherish, and live by.

If you are a Urantia Book reader, your values and beliefs may differ somewhat from those of worldly religions, but as we know, they are no less valuable for the growth of spirit-minded children. In fact, they are likely even more valuable, as the teachings of The Urantia Book introduce children to a concept of Jesus that transcends traditional teachings...a concept that they can grasp and use from an early age. AND these are concepts that are expanding and growth producing, rather than guilt- or fear-producing

For the best way to learn what true "Jesusonian" conduct is, we urge all people, especially parents, to study the life of the Master. We are advised in the book:

196:1.3 To "follow Jesus" means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master's life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.

Learn from your children

Jesus loved and esteemed children. He even told us that we should emulate our childrens' innocence and trust in order to really get a firm hold on the Kingdom of Heaven. So, it is very important to understand how children naturally are, and how we can help them develop their own innate sense of trust, justice, fairness, forgiveness, and tolerance. The teachings of Jesus contain the blueprint for all of those values, and more. Not church dogma, not theology, not endless rules and regulations that attempt to stifle normal spiritual development. No, loyalty to the teachings of Jesus - the real teachings, as presented in PART IV of The Urantia Book - will, if successfully translated into beneficial adult behavior, truly impress and inform your childrens' progress in the Kingdom.

140:5.14 Jesus taught, "In dealing with children, avoid all deception and refrain from suggesting suspicion. Wisely help them to choose their heroes and select their lifework."

And the greatest hero of all is Jesus. Is Jesus the most important force in your life?

Look into simplified Urantia Book teachings for your younger kids

Even a young child can appreciate the teachings of Jesus, and there are secondary works about The Urantia Book that may be of interest to you and your family. Here is one:

A Young Child's Guide to The Urantia Book. Download it for free!

Even very young children possess an indwelling Thought Adjuster. They have access to the same Spirit of Truth that informs all mankind, and has been doing so since Pentecost. They can hear truth and recognize truth when they hear it and see it, so give this book a look.

100:1.3 "Give every developing child a chance to grow his own religious experience; do not force a ready-made adult experience upon him. Remember, year-by-year progress through an established educational regime does not necessarily mean intellectual progress, much less spiritual growth. Enlargement of vocabulary does not signify development of character. Growth is not truly indicated by mere products but rather by progress. Real educational growth is indicated by enhancement of ideals, increased appreciation of values, new meanings of values, and augmented loyalty to supreme values."

Teach Kingdom values, not worldly values

In the world children see gross materialism...they are encouraged and enticed at a young age to consume, whether it is cereal or sneakers. They learn from the world that THINGS matter...that possessions matter...that money matters, and that getting is the most important thing. And if they see their parents and other adult associates complying with the world, they will go and do likewise. So, it is incumbent on parents, teachers, mentors of all kinds who interact with children to show them something better.

How do we do that? At every opportunity, we must honor our kids' tendencies towards fairness, towards loyalty, towards altruism and kindness, towards sharing and tolerance - all of these are values derived from loyalty to the teachings of Jesus.

Herre is a section of TruthBook that may be new to you. I hope you will give it a look and adapt some of the suggestons in the articles to your own family:

Parenting and Family Life

It contains helpful articles created from Urantia Book teachings for parents/teachers such as:

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The Urantia Book On Family Life

The Urantia Book on Children

Children are our greatest asset as a civilization - they are the future. If we really want to change the world for the better, it is incumbent on all of us to begin with ourselves; to BE the change we want to see, and show our kids real values that will help them successfully navigate the turbulent waters of a materialistic and secular society. The teachings of Jesus will definitely help anyone who wishes to lead a good life. And when mom and dad teach and model the behaviors of Jesus, the world will become a kinder, gentler, and more progressive place by providing it with spirit-minded and moral future leaders and citizens.

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