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Growing healthy food: Getting dirty does a body good

Around Austin, people are banding together to get dirty — in vegetable gardens. Gardening as a community does more than produce fresh, healthy food, which is reason enough to do it. It also creates relationships, teaches useful skills and empowers some of those who need it most. Think of it as low-cost, low-tech community building.

Many gardeners say there is a spiritual side to the activity, as well.

“I’ve never had someone disagree that there is something special about being in the garden,” says Pierce. “It’s tranquil, relaxing, and some say spiritual. Everybody feels something they can’t explain in normal sensory terms, something that feels good. It’s relaxation in addition to exercise, and where else can you get that?”

It's that time of year...

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Still wonder whether you want to get YOUR hands dirty? Consider these Urantia Book quotes

68:5.11 ...association with plants instills patience, quiet, and peace. Agriculture and industrialism are the activities of peace.

66:7.19 Mankind was not consigned to agricultural toil as the penalty of supposed sin. "In the sweat of your face shall you eat the fruit of the fields" was not a sentence of punishment pronounced because of man's participation in the follies of the Lucifer rebellion under the leadership of the traitorous Caligastia...Work with the soil is not a curse; rather is it the highest blessing to all who are thus permitted to enjoy the most human of all human activities.

81:1.4 ...For ages it was considered menial to till the soil; wherefore the idea that soil toil is a curse, whereas it is the greatest of all blessings. Even in the days of Cain and Abel the sacrifices of the pastoral life were held in greater esteem than the offerings of agriculture.

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