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Graham: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life

Dear Rev. Graham: We went to church on Easter, and the Bible reading included Pilate's question to Jesus, asking what truth is, but it sounded to me like Jesus didn't give him an answer. Was Jesus still searching for the truth, just like Pilate was? — M.J.Rev. Graham: No, Jesus wasn't searching for the truth — and neither was Pilate, the Roman governor. In fact, Pilate apparently didn't even wait for an answer, but cynically turned his back on Jesus and went out to speak to the crowds (see John 18:38).But Jesus didn't claim to have searched for the truth about God. Instead, he made a claim that was far more startling: He actually claimed to be the truth, sent from heaven to reveal God's truth to us. He boldly declared, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

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Here is an event from Jesus' life that the world knows only from sparse Biblical accounts such as this one. Even in scant form, the story is full enough for Dr Graham to have gleaned the highest truth from it.

Have you ever wanted more of the story?

The Urantia Book contains the same story, except that in The Urantia Book, we get such rich detail - more of the conversation and more important insight into the personalities of both Pilate and Jesus.

See "The Private Examination By Pilate" HERE. The title of the paper is "The Trial Before Pilate," and contains the whole story of those dark hours preceding the Master's death.

Any person who wants to know more about Jesus will be intrigued and inspired when they read this account, and realize that it is an accurate account of that day given to us by spiritual beings who were actually there, and who recorded events as they happened.

This should not be surprising, that there is a chronicle preserved in the universe to immortalize the amazing life of Jesus of Nazareth. Before Jesus came here, he reigned as a Creator Paradise Son of God. His title was "Michael." His appearance on our world was known to the entire universe, and all celestial eyes were on this planet during those times. In that light, it is reasonable to entertain the possibility that these accounts are true, and gifted to us as part of The Urantia Book for the purpose of re-discovering the events of the life and teachings of Jesus as they really occurred. Our world is ready, and our world needs to see Jesus as he was.

The entire Life and Teachings of Jesus can be found HERE

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