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God exists. Sort of.

December 21, 2009

By Joe Hildebrand

GOD exists. Sort of. In a Galactic exclusive, The Daily Telegraph has obtained an interview with the creator of the universe - or at least the next best thing.

We asked six of Australia and the world's top religious leaders and scientists what God was like and found out that all of them agreed there was something extraordinary moving throughout humanity and the laws of nature.

From archbishops to astronomers, physicists to sheiks, all came back to one theme - a sense of wonder at the world and how we came to be in it.

There were big surprises and an extraordinary convergence between religion and science.

Both the arch-conservative Catholic Cardinal George Pell and the fire-and-brimstone Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen accepted the big bang and evolution.

At the same time Australian scientists leading the world in the search for hard evidence of the origins of the universe said they had a sense of something transcending physical.

Take the words of astronomer Brian Schmidt, the man who is leading the "SkyMapper" project, an unprecedented international survey of the heavens that will allow human beings to gaze upon stars and galaxies never before seen.

"I have faith that there is an absolute truth - a structure to the laws of nature which underlies all things - and if I have a God, this is it," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Indeed, Schmidt - who also led the international team that discovered the universe was expanding more and more rapidly - said that scientists must be open to the possibility of a God.

He describes himself a "militant agnostic".

"I don't know and neither do you," he said.

Please click on "external source" to read the statements of two of these religious leaders.

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