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Frequencies: A Genealogy of Spirituality

I just wanted to turn folks on to a really interesting project in which I recently participated. It's called Frequencies: A Collaborative Genealogy of Spirituality. The idea is simple: ask scholars, writers, and artists what they think of when they think of the word spirituality. The response is a collection of wonderful, eloquent and thought-provoking essays (except mine of course) on topics ranging from Star Wars to William Blake.

The project is run by Kathryn Lofton of Yale University and John Lardas Modern of Franklin & Marshall College. They deserve a great deal of credit for getting this wonderful experiment started.

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further.


Spirituality is studied extensively in The Urantia Book. After reading the article, you might enjoy reading some condensed Urantia Book teachings of the subject. We have digested some of the points regarding spirituality in our topical study on SPIRITUALITY

A sampling from The Urantia Book:

100:2.4 Spirituality becomes at once the indicator of one’s nearness to God and the measure of one’s usefulness to fellow beings. Spirituality enhances the ability to discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values. Spiritual development is determined by capacity therefor and is directly proportional to the elimination of the selfish qualities of love.

Actual spiritual status is the measure of Deity attainment, Adjuster attunement. The achievement of finality of spirituality is equivalent to the attainment of the maximum of reality, the maximum of Godlikeness. Eternal life is the endless quest for infinite values.

Link to External Source Article

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