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Review: The Five Books of Jesus

"THE FIVE BOOKS OF JESUS," byJames Goldberg, CreateSpace, $12.95, 330 pages (f)

Serious students of the New Testament are fascinated with the stories and teachings found in the four major gospels or testimonies of Jesus Christ’s disciples. The rich messages give substance to individual lives and help many as they try to live righteously in a difficult world.

But there is much missing from the writings that would be of great interest to the common person. Very little is mentioned concerning the day-to-day activities of Jesus and his disciples as they traveled throughout the Holy Land. And not much is known about the individual personalities of the apostles and other disciples.

James Goldberg’s new book, “The Five Books of Jesus,” is a thought-provoking fictional story of how things might have occurred in the lives of those who encountered Jesus of Nazareth during his ministry.

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This book looks like a really good read. It's about time that someone tried to humanize Jesus more. I wonder what this author could have done with the life of Jesus as it really happened.

Of course, as Urantia Book students/readers, we believe we have the very best accountings of the life of Jesus. Even the story in the article about "Peter's Protest..." It is pretty much the same story in The Urantia Book and the Bible, but the UB story is so much more richly detailed, and also completely in context, part of a seamless narrative.

Read the story HERE

It is hoped that someday, an inspired Urantia Book student will undertake to create a novel or a screenplay of some of these amazing stories from The Urantia Book's accounting of the Life and Teachings of Jesus. I feel sure that this will happen someday. In the meantime...

We have put together a feature called: Great Jesus Stories HERE. Maybe it'll give you some ideas...:)

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