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Finding the power in practical spirituality

There need be no separation between our spirituality and our everyday lives; in fact, the more consistently we embody and express our core beliefs, the more effectively we tend to live each day. Brother Lawrence's exemplary “Practicing the Presence while washing the pots and pans” is a stunning reminder that we truly can bring a sublime awareness to an ordinary task.

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Discovering that we carry within us a spark of divinity - that this spark of God assists in the creation of a soul of immortality - can improve all aspects of a life, from the mundane chores of daily life to the spiritual mountaintops. Please see The Adjuster and the Soul for some very inspiring information that can help you in practical ways to navigate your life in God-consciousness.

In addition, living in the present moment is another way of practicing the presence every day, all day...this advice from The Urantia Book is a thought-provoker.

118:1.7 To become mature is to live more intensely in the present, at the same time escaping from the limitations of the present. The plans of maturity, founded on past experience, are coming into being in the present in such manner as to enhance the values of the future.

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