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Finding Judas, the Real Story

In conjunction with an earlier blog about the new CNN series on Finding Jesus, here's an update which might be of interest to many. The subject is Judas, and this article explores viewers' questions about Judas. Here's a sampling of the questions - questions that believers have been asking for 2000 years:

What do scholars know about the man named Judas? What is his story?

My understanding was always that Judas betrayed Jesus not because he was a villain, but he thought Jesus would start an earthly war when arrested. He was trying to get Jesus to establish a literal, physical kingdom on Earth.

Did Jesus know Judas would betray him when/before he chose him?

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Urantia Book readers, who are privy to the expanded details of Jesus life and teachings in Part IV of The Urantia Book, are aware of the real story of Judas. The story of Jesus in The Urantia Book also includes lengthy mentions and detailed biographies of all the apostles - Judas included. In fact, the story of Judas is given rather special treatment.

All of the questions posed in this article are fully answered throughout the pages of Part IV, but we have also compiled a study which incorporates all of those details, and a full reading of the study will satisfy anyone who has an interest in uncovering the truth of Judas.

What did Jesus think of Judas?

Jesus considered Judas a "faith adventure."

"To Jesus, Judas was a faith adventure. From the beginning the Master fully understood the weakness of this apostle and well knew the dangers of admitting him to fellowship. But it is the nature of the Sons of God to give every created being a full and equal chance for salvation and survival. Jesus wanted not only the mortals of this world but the onlookers of innumerable other worlds to know that, when doubts exist as to the sincerity and wholeheartedness of a creature's devotion to the kingdom, it is the invariable practice of the Judges of men fully to receive the doubtful candidate. The door of eternal life is wide open to all; "whosoever will may come"; there are no restrictions or qualifications save the faith of the one who comes.

"This is just the reason why Jesus permitted Judas to go on to the very end, always doing everything possible to transform and save this weak and confused apostle. But when light is not honestly received and lived up to, it tends to become darkness within the soul. Judas grew intellectually regarding Jesus' teachings about the kingdom, but he did not make progress in the acquirement of spiritual character as did the other apostles. He failed to make satisfactory personal progress in spiritual experience.

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Click to access TruthBook's study on Judas Iscariot, the twelfth Apostle

Read it for yourself!

Anyone who wishes can enjoy The Urantia Book and become one of a growing number of reders who are finding out the real stories and the real mission of this Son of Man, Son of God - Jesus. Do yourself a favor today, and check it out! The world is hungry for more of Jesus, and the Urantia Book is the most complete and replete source of Jesus information on the planet!


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