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Film explores free will in a world run by all-knowing God

It goes by many names: Kismet Adrsta. Predestination. Determinism. Destiny. "God's will."

The ancient Greeks dubbed it "Moirae" and gave it personality — Fate. Or, rather, "The Fates," three female supernatural beings who spun, pulled and cut the literal threads of life that controlled when a person was born, what he did with his life and when and how he died.

In an intriguing new film that explores themes of fate, destiny, divine and human (free) will, that same idea is called The Adjustment Bureau - an otherworldly bureaucratic organization controlled by an unseen entity (or, perhaps, deity) known as "the Chairman."

A cadre of caseworkers in fedoras and dark suits - a cross between G-men, IRS agents and guardian angels - carries out the Chairman's will by making sure we humans don't stray off course. They track our movements and decisions on a kind of heavenly GPS device and make small "adjustments" to our decision-making processes.

The idea is to keep us on a predetermined track - on a course we know nothing about and can do nothing to change.

In The Adjustment Bureau, God's G-men carry out their duties on the periphery of the natural world where the curtain separating the here from there is as sheer as gossamer. They're around us all the time, everywhere, watching and, occasionally, tinkering as needed.


The film poses a question that is left open-ended when the credits roll: Is it possible to change our fate?

The Chairman has written the stories of our lives and the Big Story of the world. But is that story set in stone? If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, is there anything that happens in our lives that isn't part of God's will and design?

It's a question theologians have wrestled with throughout the ages, without ever finding a true consensus. It's no wonder that the filmmakers appear unable - or unwilling - to provide a clear answer to such a spiritual/existential conundrum.

In a universe ordered by such an Almighty, perhaps there is no such thing as chance.

With the Chairman holding the eternal pen, what passes for serendipity might just be kismet in a clever disguise.


HMMMM..."The Adjustment Bureau" may be of interest to Urantia Book readers. Funny how the premise is based on beings who "adjust" our attempts to manipulate our reality by freewill. To read the entire article, please click HERE.


And just for fun, here's a Urantia Book quote regarding Adjusters and free will:

"The free will of man is supreme in moral affairs; even the indwelling Thought Adjuster refuses to compel man to think a single thought or to perform a single act against the choosing of man's own will." 66:8.6

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