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Good moral path includes scientific thought

"Can an atheist be moral?

The simple answer is yes. Atheists can be moral, and they can be immoral, just as religious believers can be moral or immoral."

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The Urantia Book teaches us that atheism is equal to materialism, and is therefore, not to be desired:

56:10.4 Hence materialism, atheism, is the maximation of ugliness, the climax of the finite antithesis of the beautiful. Highest beauty consists in the panorama of the unification of the variations which have been born of pre-existent harmonious reality.

Without this kind of balance and unification, it is far more difficult to formulate a good reason for acting in moral ways. However, I definitely agree that even an atheist can be moral...but one has to wonder: upon which principles does an atheist base his/her desire to act in a moral way? And from where do those principles have their origins?

Morality is a key element in any successful life. Click the underlined link to see what the The Urantia Book has to say about it

And for a thoughtful exploration of the seemingly-endless controversy between science and religion, please see our topical study of Urantia Book teachings on the subject...

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