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Did Jesus Really Have a Brother?

Did Jesus really have a brother?

Again, in the news, the search for the real Jesus goes on. This time, the emphasis is on whether Jesus had a brother, and whether the ossuary that was recently found that bears the inscription: James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus could be the real thing.

From the article:

"If it was true, this was the first physical evidence ever found of Jesus' existence. And yet, if this amazing ossuary was false, then it was one of the greatest forgeries in history.

"Underlying the question of the authenticity of the ossuary is an even bigger theological problem: whether or not Jesus actually had any brothers. Though the debate's origins are ancient, the answer still divides Catholics and Protestants."

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If this is a question that divides Catholics and Protestants, they have only to read The Urantia Book - or more specifically, Part IV of The Urantia Book, which is the complete Life and Teachings of Jesus. And when they say "complete," they mean it!

Uranta Book readerws are well-aware that James was indeed the brother of Jesus ... and he was not the only one! Jesus was the eldest of five younger brothers and three younger sisters. And all were the offspring of Mary and Joseph.

This fact may also get both Catholics and Protestants exercised, as it flies in the face of Christian teachings that Mary was a virgin for all time; however, the idea of Mary's virginity was an idea that sprang up long after the fact of Jesus' life and death. It is an idea that reflected the church's reservations about women, and also it probably seemed more fitting for a Son of God to have ben born without the "messiness" of natural means.

Nevertheless, when we talk about Jesus being the Son of Man as well as the Son of God, we must take into account that he was a man among men - a real human man. If Jesus had not been conceived and born as all of us are, he could not rightfully claim to be a real human. But he was ... just like you and me. And just like you and me, he was conceived in a normal way and born in a normal way.

Mary and Joseph were ordinary people of their time. They were chosen especially for the roles they played in the life of Jesus, and they were well-suited. But they were average human beings who met, courted, married, and produced children. If it were not so, Jesus would not be a real human. This is just a reasonable conclusion.

Enjoy reading about Jesus - as he was - read about him as a child, as a sibling, and as eventual acting father to his family when Joseph met his untimely death when Jesus was only 14 years-old. These are stories that will thrill and inspire; these true stories will show you a side of Jesus that you may have always wondered about ... wonder no more!

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Here are a few passages about James:

When Jesus was 7 years-old:

(123:4.3) Jesus, in company with a neighbor boy and later his brother James, delighted to play in the far corner of the family carpenter shop, where they had great fun with the shavings and the blocks of wood.

When Jesus was 8 years-old:

(123:6.4) Jesus began to enjoy his brother James very much and by the end of this year had begun to teach him the alphabet.

When Jesus was 22 years-old:

(128:2.4) Before taking up his new employment at Sepphoris, Jesus held one of his periodic family conferences and solemnly installed James, then just past eighteen years old, as acting head of the family. He promised his brother hearty support and full co-operation and exacted formal promises of obedience to James from each member of the family. From this day James assumed full financial responsibility for the family, Jesus making his weekly payments to his brother. Never again did Jesus take the reins out of James's hands. While working at Sepphoris he could have walked home every night if necessary, but he purposely remained away, assigning weather and other reasons, but his true motive was to train James and Joseph in the bearing of the family responsibility. He had begun the slow process of weaning his family. Each Sabbath Jesus returned to Nazareth, and sometimes during the week when occasion required, to observe the working of the new plan, to give advice and offer helpful suggestions

And there's so much more ...

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