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Did Jesus Preach Here?

It is exciting to think that more evidence is being discovered that coroborates not only Biblical stories, but corresponding Urantia Book stories, too. This new article: Archaeologists in Galilee unearth synagogue from Jesus's time by Stuart Winer is very promising. See our blog below, but here are some compelling details from the article:

"Israeli archaeologists in northern Israel have uncovered the ruins of a rural synagogue that dates back some 2,000 years.

"The remains of the synagogue were found during an archaeological dig at Tel Rekhesh, near Mount Tabor in the lower Galilee, in what was an ancient Jewish village.

"The site is 17 km (10 miles) as crow flies east of Nazareth, and 12 km from Nin (Naim), and although we don't have its name in the New Testament, it is in the area in which Jesus acted," said Aviam."

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Did Jesus and the apostles preach in Nain, the area where the temple was found?

146:0.1 THE FIRST PUBLIC preaching tour of Galilee began on Sunday, January 18, A.D. 28, and continued for about two months, ending with the return to Capernaum on March 17. On this tour Jesus and the twelve apostles, assisted by the former apostles of John, preached the gospel and baptized believers in Rimmon, Jotapata, Ramah, Zebulun, Iron, Gischala, Chorazin, Madon, Cana, Nain, and Endor, In these cities they tarried and taught, while in many other smaller towns they proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom as they passed through.

Nain, of course, is well known to both Bible students and Urantia Book students as the site where Jesus apparently healed the widow's son.

How many other such structures might be discovered?

This passage suggests that there were numerous synagogues in both Galilee and Judea. Is this new discovery one of them?

146:4.1 At Iron, as in many of even the smaller cities of Galilee and Judea, [italics by ed.] there was a synagogue, and during the earlier times of Jesus' ministry it was his custom to speak in these synagogues on the Sabbath day. Sometimes he would speak at the morning service, and Peter or one of the other apostles would preach at the afternoon hour. Jesus and the apostles would also often teach and preach at the weekday evening assemblies at the synagogue. Although the religious leaders at Jerusalem became increasingly antagonistic toward Jesus, they exercised no direct control over the synagogues outside of that city. It was not until later in Jesus' public ministry that they were able to create such a widespread sentiment against him as to bring about the almost universal closing of the synagogues to his teaching. At this time all the synagogues of Galilee and Judea were open to him.

Are you interested in knowing the details of Jesus' ministry in the synagogues of his day? There are many, and we have compiled a collection of Urantia Book teachings about these many appearances of the Master in synagogues as well as temples. Most are appearances in Jerusalem and Capernaum, athough some are chronicled in Nazareth and Philadelphia, too.

See our study on Jesus in the Synagogue

Want more of Jesus? More stories like this one?

Only in The Urantia Book can the truthseeker find the complete story of Jesus. Yes, Jesus' life is chronicled in the Bible; but the Bible stories comprise only a fraction of the years that Jesus spent with us here. Even in his ministry years, the stories that one finds in The Urantia Book are more complete, more varied, more detailed than in Scripture, such as the one above, which tells us clearly about the towns in which Jesus and his apostles taught and preached. Nain was one such town, and Nain is in close proximity to the new discovery reported in the article that began this blog.

But, as interesting as this discovery is, as exciting as it is to have this new evidence of the truth of Jesus' life, nothing can compare with appreciating the whole Life and Teachings of Jesus that comprise PART IV of The Urantia Book. If you're looking for more of Jesus, you'll find your search satisfied HERE.

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