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Did Jesus Really Exist?

Just recently, we came upon a couple of articles that were making the outrageous claim that Jesus never walked the earth...that he never even existed! It was time to write a blog...

Well, since then, we now came across an article whose authors roundly refute this hypothesis, saying that "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." We like that...and we'd like to expand upon it here.

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About this article, though...while the authors do refute the claims of Jesus' non-existence, they are not exactly enthusiatic about Jesus, relegating him to a relatively unimportant "wannabe messiah..." Pretty disrespectful, but then these authors evidently don't know Jesus very well, either.

As far as historical records, it's important to note that the New Testament is itself a historical record, filled with eyewitness accounts of the Master's life; even the Koran honors Jesus, refering to him as "Messiah." And in our modern times, hundreds of books and numerous movies about Jesus are being produced at a feverish pace...a lot of press for someone who never existed, we'd say!!!

Of course, for Urantia Book readers, the truth of the existence of Jesus as an historical figure is accepted fact as a result of revelation regarding the vast context within which Jesus is placed. The Urantia Book lifts the Jesus of the Bible out of his primarily Christian context into a whole new understanding of this God/man. Jesus in The Urantia Book is a Savior for ALL peoples: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish...even for the inhabitants of a whole universe...beings who love and honor this God/man as much as we do here.

Discovering who Jesus really was through the modern-day revelation of truth that is The Urantia Book- the beloved Son of God, the Creator of the universe in which we live, the compassionate Sovereign Ruler who has earned his sovereignty through hard-won experience - endears this amazing personality to any and all who read the accounts of his life in The Urantia Book and provides a stirring new context within which to appreciate Jesus, and the reality of his presence here.

Understanding the context of Jesus' appearance on our world through the revelation of The Urantia Book should put to rest any doubts as to his reality. We learn new and thriling facets of Jesus...details of his existence even before he came here. From his status as a "Michael Son," on high, this loving Son of God took it upon himself to incarnate as a helpless baby in the town of Bethlehem for an express purpose - a purpose that has heretofore been largely lost in the mists of time.

Far from the traditional ideas of who Jesus was - that of atoner, ransomer, substitute sufferer - the Urantia Book accounts of Jesus' existence before his arrival here tell a story of a compassionate Creator who saw this world of his making plunged into darkness by the evil rebellion against universe government. This rebellion under the direction of Lucifer held our world in sway for thousands of years until this Creator Son decided that this was the world upon which he would make the final bestowal of himself and take a final stand for goodness, truth and beauty.

Previously, and even while the drama of the rebellion played out on our world, this Michael-Son was engaged in six other bestowals of himself - bestowals into the likeness of all creatures that exist in his universe. He made these bestowals for the express purpose of gaining living experience as all types of created beings, so that he could claim legitimate and sympathetic sovereignty, knowing first-hand the trials and challenges that all of his children face.

When it came time to incarnate and bestow himself as a human being-his seventh and final bestowal-he chose this backward, rebellion-scarred world upon which to play out this final appearance as one of his universe creatures, so that the spectacles of his goodness, his righteousness, and his love would shine even brighter against such a sordid background.

A major purpose of Jesus' mission here was to reveal God the Father himself to us. Said Jesus: "therefore have I come into the world to show the Father to your creature eyes." Jesus said more than once: "He who has seen me has seen the Father," so when we see this compassionate, loving, sympathetic Savior, we can rest assured that God is all of that, and even more.

And while Jesus was here, he vanquished and soundly defeated those forces that put our world into such jeopardy so many thousands of years ago. When Jesus faced his enemies on Mt Hermon, the rebellion was settled, once and for all time.

After Jesus' brutal death, his followers were a dejected lot, becoming re-energized and re-purposed when Jesus resurrected. It is the resurrection of Jesus that then took center-stage, and the real message and purpose of his bestowal were lost in the sifting of this new reality of the risen Savior. At Pentecost, the Spirit of Truth - Jesus' Spirit - was poured out, and the apostles, and others, became once again, zealous in their proclamations of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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There's a lot of good news associated with Jesus life here...because Jesus incarnated here, human beings are now privileged to have a fragment of God the Father indwelling their minds; Jesus himself is still present as the promised Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, helping each of us to navigate the turbulent waters of life; and with the advent of The Urantia Book we now have a complete accounting of the life and teachings of Jesus as a true example of what it means to live a religious life dedicated to doing the will of God.

Did Jesus exist? Of course he did...2000 years of devotion say he did; countless legions of followers of this God/man say he did; Jesus' story is told and retold on this world every day, in all parts of the world. EVERYONE knows the name of Jesus. And Jesus still lives. He lives in us as the Spirit of Truth. He reigns as supreme and sympathetic Sovereign of our universe, and knowing the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it constitutes the most important knowledge that any one of us can have.

The Urantia Book has that story, and it is there for you.

Jesus lived...and Jesus still lives...

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