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Cocreation With God

Folks, this is an absolutely charming article using sweet little stories to get across the idea that when we team up with God, we can accomplish great things! It's called: What Jesus and I did today by Rev. Dan Safarik. See our blog below for an expansion of the story of Jesus' feeding of the 5,000. Here's the snippet with that story from the article:

"The third story relates to a special miracle in the Bible. It's recorded in the gospel of John, chapter 6, verses one to 14. There we find the story of Jesus' feeding of the 5,000. He uses five barley loaves and two fish provided by a little boy, to miraculously feed that vast multitude of people. One legend connected to the story tells that after the miracle, the little boy who provided the five loaves and two fish made his way home, ran into his house shouting: "Mama! Mama! You'll never guess what Jesus and I did today!"

Of course, the thread that runs through these three stories is the fact that when we join forces with a greater strength ... together we can indeed do incredible things."

It's a good, short read: Click to read the whole article


Now, Urantia Book readers will be more than familiar with this amazing story from the Life and Teachings of Jesus. It is a beloved story for Christians and UB students alike, as it tells the incredible story of the time when Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes that had followed him.

Who was that little boy?

That "little boy" from the article above is none other than John Mark; he wasn't really a little boy, but he was a young teenager - younger than the apostles. You can read all about John Mark HERE

In the story, we read about young John Mark, and this is the first time he is mentioned in The Urantia Book:

152:2.7 Jesus turned to Andrew and Philip, saying: "I do not want to send these people away. Here they are, like sheep without a shepherd. I would like to feed them. What food have we with us?" While Philip was conversing with Matthew and Judas, Andrew sought out the Mark lad to ascertain how much was left of their store of provisions. He returned to Jesus, saying: "The lad has left only five barley loaves and two dried fishes"—and Peter promptly added, "We have yet to eat this evening."

Continuing the story:

152:2.8 For a moment Jesus stood in silence. There was a faraway look in his eyes. The apostles said nothing. Jesus turned suddenly to Andrew and said, "Bring me the loaves and fishes." And when Andrew had brought the basket to Jesus, the Master said: "Direct the people to sit down on the grass in companies of one hundred and appoint a leader over each group while you bring all of the evangelists here with us."
152:2.9 Jesus took up the loaves in his hands, and after he had given thanks, he broke the bread and gave to his apostles, who passed it on to their associates, who in turn carried it to the multitude. Jesus in like manner broke and distributed the fishes. And this multitude did eat and were filled. And when they had finished eating, Jesus said to the disciples: "Gather up the broken pieces that remain over so that nothing will be lost." And when they had finished gathering up the fragments, they had twelve basketfuls. They who ate of this extraordinary feast numbered about five thousand men, women, and children.
152:2.10 And this is the first and only nature miracle which Jesus performed as a result of his conscious preplanning. It is true that his disciples were disposed to call many things miracles which were not, but this was a genuine supernatural ministration. In this case, so we were taught, Michael multiplied food elements as he always does except for the elimination of the time factor and the visible life channel.

We read not only the familiar story, but numerous details never before known about it. Check it out!

Click to read the entire account of the Feeding of the Five Thousand from The Urantia Book

Joining Forces with God

When Jesus was on earth as a mortal man, he demonstrated he process of joining forces with God to produce great deeds. We may not have the same power to manifest the kinds of material miracles that Jesus performed, but we can certainly link up our minds and hearts to the power of God within us to effect mighty change in ourselves and influence our world. The Urantia Book calls this reality of God-within the Thought Adjuster

108:0.2 Nothing in the entire universe can substitute for the fact of experience on nonexistential levels. The infinite God is, as always, replete and complete, infinitely inclusive of all things except evil and creature experience. God cannot do wrong; he is infallible. God cannot experientially know what he has never personally experienced; God's preknowledge is existential. Therefore does the spirit of the Father descend from Paradise to participate with finite mortals in every bona fide experience of the ascending career; it is only by such a method that the existential God could become in truth and in fact man's experiential Father. The infinity of the eternal God encompasses the potential for finite experience, which indeed becomes actual in the ministry of the Adjuster fragments that actually share the life vicissitude experiences of human beings.
116:4.8 The local universes are the starting points of true evolution, the spawning grounds of bona fide imperfect personalities endowed with the freewill choice of becoming cocreators of themselves as they are to be.

And Jesus himself is present with us also, as the Spirit of Truth - that "good Spirit," the "comforter" that Jesus sent to take his place after he ascended to the Father. This indwelling Spirit of Jesus also is a chance for us to hook up with Divine power for our benefit and the benefit of the world:

178:1.6 Jesus taught: In the gospel of the kingdom there resides the mighty Spirit of Truth, and presently I will pour out this same spirit upon all flesh. The fruits of the spirit, your sincere and loving service, are the mighty social lever to uplift the races of darkness, and this Spirit of Truth will become your power-multiplying fulcrum.

Read more about God Within

As so well stated in the article above: "God can take our little and make it much! If we simply offer him what we have (humble though it may be), God can use it in amazing ways!"

By deliberately joining forces with the powers of goodness that are constantly with us, we have the potential to become more than we are - immortal.

117:4.14 God first loves man and confers upon him the potential of immortality —eternal reality. And as man loves God, so does man become eternal in actuality. And here is mystery: The more closely man approaches God through love, the greater the reality—actuality—of that man. When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father's will, when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is.

While we may not always be able to do miraculous works, we certainly CAN become mighty forces for good on earth if we simply consecrate our whole being to the doing of the will of God , as Jesus did. Then, we can celebrate our victories with Jesus as we realize how powerful we can be when we offer our small selves to God and allow him to have his way with us - for our good and the good of all the world!

Stay close to Jesus, love much, listen for guidance, and act courageously on behalf of the good, the true and the beautiful so that God will do mighty works THROUGH us!

Need more inspiration? The Life and Teachings of Jesus (Part IV of The Urantia Book) offers the reader an almost day-to-day narration of the life of Jesus. Jesus lived his life very close to the Father. Through the study of his life we can appreciate the ways in which he did this, and how vital it was to living his life as a human being; his life was given as an example to all succeeding generations about how to go and do likewise. If you've been looking for fresh inspiration, here it is!

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