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Celebrating Joseph

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Here's an article about a largely unsung hero in the life of Jesus: The role of St Joseph in the life of Jesus by Father Anthony Doe. If you read the Bible, you'll find hardly anything in there about Joseph; and owing to his untimely death, there's precious little about him even in The Urantia Book, either. We'll share all of it with you in our blog (below), but first, here are a few snips from this article:

"Speaking of Joseph's role in the early life of Jesus, Fr Anthony said: "The Jewish father played an enormously important part in the life of the son because he embodied the spirit of the covenant." St Joseph's fatherhood, he said, "with all its depth is of immense value to world because within our society there is a crisis in the whole nature of paternity, which embodies the spirit of commitment, willingness to sacrifice for the good of his children, to endow them with values and prepare them for love in their own lives."

"This is communicated very powerfully when the father himself is in communion with God. The father plays a very powerful role in the life of his children."

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As mentioned above, Joseph, the earth father of Jesus - called Saint Joseph by the church - is a very important figure in Jesus' life. Even though he did not live past Jesus' 14th year, Joseph provided Jesus' first ideas of a father, he was a good and faithful husband to Mary, an excellent material provider, a good, honest worker, and he provided strong and sturdy genes for his first-born son.

In traditional art, Joseph seems most frequently to be portrayed as a middle-aged man, or even an elderly greybeard; however, The narration of the Life and Teachings of Jesus" in The Urantia Book show us Joseph as he really was - a robust young man who worked hard as a carpenter and building contractor. Here are some of the book's teaching about Joseph:

"Joseph, the human father of Jesus (Joshua ben Joseph), was a Hebrew of the Hebrews, albeit he carried many non-Jewish racial strains which had been added to his ancestral tree from time to time by the female lines of his progenitors. The ancestry of the father of Jesus went back to the days of Abraham and through this venerable patriarch to the earlier lines of inheritance leading to the Sumerians and Nodites and, through the southern tribes of the ancient blue man, to Andon and Fonta. David and Solomon were not in the direct line of Joseph's ancestry, neither did Joseph's lineage go directly back to Adam. Joseph's immediate ancestors were mechanics—builders, carpenters, masons, and smiths. Joseph himself was a carpenter and later a contractor. His family belonged to a long and illustrious line of the nobility of the common people, accentuated ever and anon by the appearance of unusual individuals who had distinguished themselves in connection with the evolution of religion on Urantia."

And while there are fewer references to Joseph's origins that those given for Mary, you might like to have a look at this interactive feature on our site showing Jesus' Family Tree. In it, you will see some of Joseph's birth family and where we see those references in The Urantia Book.

Also, we've created a topical study on this amazing man which you can access HERE. This study encapsulates all of The Urantia Book's teachings about Joseph and will give any reader a new appreciation of this great contributor to the early life of Jesus.

Even though Jesus only had those relatively few years with Joseph, his influence as a father to the child of promise cannot be overstated.

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