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Can What You Think Affect How You Feel?

"Effective thinking and good problem solving skills are key to overcoming adversity.

Everyone has negative and positive thoughts but most people have a balance between the two that allows them to think realistically and problem-solve effectively to meet life’s challenges. Research has shown that people who are depressed or anxious think differently than those who are well."

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Need a good philosophy of life? Want to know how to make your life into art?

Have a look at "The Art of Living" from The Urantia Book, in which we read:

160:1.7 Successful living is nothing more or less than the art of the mastery of dependable techniques for solving common problems. The first step in the solution of any problem is to locate the difficulty, to isolate the problem, and frankly to recognize its nature and gravity. The great mistake is that, when life problems excite our profound fears, we refuse to recognize them. Likewise, when the acknowledgment of our difficulties entails the reduction of our long-cherished conceit, the admission of envy, or the abandonment of deep-seated prejudices, the average person prefers to cling to the old illusions of safety and to the long-cherished false feelings of security. Only a brave person is willing honestly to admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.

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