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Can Good Stress Improve Your Health?

It turns out that having a challenging career can actually be quite good for you. Counter to what we often hear, a landmark study recently found that certain types of stress are linked to living longer lives.

This research, summarized in a book called The Longevity Project, shows that qualities like ambition, perseverance, and motivation are pretty healthy for you.

But reacting to colleagues? Not so much.

Howard Friedman, Ph.D., who co-authored the study, wrote, 'The results were very clear: Those with the most career success were the least likely to die young.'

Perhaps we already know this intuitively -- living a purposeful life feels great.

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From The Urantia Book:

160:4.11 Ability is that which you inherit, while skill is what you acquire. Life is not real to one who cannot do some one thing well, expertly. Skill is one of the real sources of the satisfaction of living. Ability implies the gift of foresight, farseeing vision. Be not deceived by the tempting rewards of dishonest achievement; be willing to toil for the later returns inherent in honest endeavor. The wise man is able to distinguish between means and ends; otherwise, sometimes overplanning for the future defeats its own high purpose. As a pleasure seeker you should aim always to be a producer as well as a consumer.

Also, as I was reading this piece, I could not help but think of The Urantia Book's section on the "inevitabilities." This is a way to frame the more difficult parts of life and find the good in each of them. Read about the inevitabilities HERE.

Is it a sure cure for physical health? It certainly can't hurt...and it certainly is a tonic for one's spiritual health to be able to roll with life's punches using the wisdom of the revelation.

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