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Cameron Graves: Jazz inspired by The Urantia Book

Attention music lovers! Especially lovers of JAZZ! You don't have to be a Urantia Book reader to appreciate this article and its accompanying music video, but if you are a student/beliver of the revelation, this article will hold special inerest for you. It is called If You Thought Kamasi Washington Got Cosmic, Wait 'Til You Hear Cameron Graves by Jeff Weiss. We're gonna blog a little bit below about music and The Urantia Book, but first, here's a snip from this upbeat article about a talented young jazz pianist named Cameron Graves, as well as his creative connection to the book:

"Whether you accept it as divine revelation or not, you can't deny the fertility of the tome's imagination. Revered by Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and Jaco Pastorius alike, it makes Game of Thrones look like Chutes & Ladders.

"This much also is certain: A century later, jazz pianist Cameron Graves, founding member of The West Coast Get Down, has an album called Planetary Prince, whose titular and extraterrestrial inspiration comes from that abstruse text.

" 'It'll have you skeptical until you read it, and then start to wonder whether the universe is really that way or whether it's just a made-up story?' " Graves says.

" 'It's inspired me in so many ways. I often write in seven time because it's a really important number in the universe,' " he continues. " 'Take a song like 'Adam and Eve': The A side is really emotional, and the B section offers release. It's a yin-and-yang thing. The yin is Eve, the yang is Adam.' "

Click to read the article and listen to the music!


Music in The Urantia Book

"Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona." (44:1.15)

So many diverse subjects are covered in The Urantia Book - one might not expect it, but music is given a good deal of attention in the revelation. Even Jesus is shown as a student of music in his youth; he played the harp, and we are told; "He had an unusual liking for everything musical." Even his voice was described as musical...don't we wish we could have heard that?

Although there are more than 30 references in the book having to do with music, we have gleaned a few of them from our topical study about music, which we share with you here. Click on this link to see more of them! And if you would like to see all of the references to music in The Urantia Book, look at the top right of any TruthBook page for the box that says "Search The Urantia Book" and enter the word music:

Music Can Transform the World

While you have assembled some beautiful melodies on Urantia, you have not progressed musically nearly so far as many of your neighboring planets in Satania. If Adam and Eve had only survived, then would you have had music in reality; but the gift of harmony, so large in their natures, has been so diluted by strains of unmusical tendencies that only once in a thousand mortal lives is there any great appreciation of harmonics. But be not discouraged; some day a real musician may appear on Urantia, and whole peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. One such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation, even the entire civilized world. It is literally true, "melody has power a whole world to transform." Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona. (44:1.15)

The Celestial Musicians

With the limited range of mortal hearing, you can hardly conceive of morontia melodies. There is even a material range of beautiful sound unrecognized by the human sense of hearing, not to mention the inconceivable scope of morontia and spirit harmony. Spirit melodies are not material sound waves but spirit pulsations received by the spirits of celestial personalities. There is a vastness of range and a soul of expression, as well as a grandeur of execution, associated with the melody of the spheres, that are wholly beyond human comprehension. I have seen millions of enraptured beings held in sublime ecstasy while the melody of the realm rolled in upon the spirit energy of the celestial circuits. These marvelous melodies can be broadcast to the uttermost parts of a universe. (44:1.1)

Harmony, the music of the seven levels of melodious association, is the one universal code of spirit communication. Music, such as Urantia mortals understand, attains its highest expression in the schools of Jerusem, the system headquarters, where semimaterial beings are taught the harmonies of sound. Mortals do not react to the other forms of morontia melody and celestial harmony. (44:1.11)

Appreciation of music on Urantia is both physical and spiritual; and your human musicians have done much to elevate musical taste from the barbarous monotony of your early ancestors to the higher levels of sound appreciation. The majority of Urantia mortals react to music so largely with the material muscles and so slightly with the mind and spirit; but there has been a steady improvement in musical appreciation for more than thirty-five thousand years. (44:1.12)

The Oratory of the Spirit World

The oratory of the spirit world is one of the rare treats which await you who have heard only the crude and stumbling orations of Urantia. There is harmony of music and euphony of expression in the orations of Salvington and Edentia which are inspiring beyond description. These burning concepts are like gems of beauty in diadems of glory. But I cannot do it! I cannot convey to the human mind the breadth and depth of these realities of another world! (44:4.8)

Religious Experience

Science lives by the mathematics of the mind; music expresses the tempo of the emotions. Religion is the spiritual rhythm of the soul in time-space harmony with the higher and eternal melody measurements of Infinity. Religious experience is something in human life which is truly supermathematical. (195:7.20)

If you haven't yet heard, The Urantia Book is a treasure - a modern-day revelation from God to mankind which is designed to elevate and upstep our spiritual evolution and lead us into a new era of progressive civilization. Music will surely play a large part in that progress! If you have not yet looked into the book, please see our Urantia Book intro for more information!

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