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But What About How Jesus Lived?

Beautiful Church, Dead Jesus by Barbara Falconer Newhall

The title of this article piqued my interest, and maybe it will resonate with you, too. The author went in search of Jesus in European cathedrals and was disappointed by what she saw. She says:

"Specifically I was looking for Jesus. I wanted to snag some nice photos of the biblical Jesus in action..."

"...there were lots of Jesuses in those venerable European churches. Trouble is, the Jesuses I saw were almost always dead. Or dying. Or staggering under the weight of a cross."

The author adds:

"...the crucifixion has a central place in the Christian story. No doubt about that. But still, without images of Jesus the healer, the teacher, the loving son of God to fill out that story, the sight of all those bloody, dying figures is a downer.

"It's also guilt-provoking if you ever had a Sunday school teacher who wanted you to believe that Jesus died for our sins -- and that it's our very sinfulness that put Jesus up there on the cross."

Her experience made me feel sad, especially since it is such a common one.

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The author asks an important question regarding the recent phenomemnon of those who call themselves "none" when asked what religion they are:

"I wonder. Do some Europeans check that None box because the Jesus they see in churches everywhere is so often a dead man on a cross -- and so rarely a man of action bringing life and justice and compassion to humanity?"

We here at TruthBook, and those who know Jesus from Part IV of The Urantia Book, can surely relate. Once you get to know the Master as he really was: his whole life (including the "missing years'), his accomplishments in his earlier years, his relationships, his travels, his amazing LIFE ... well, the images of the bleeding, dying Savior begin to feel very unbalanced.

Here at TruthBook, we have commissioned and are collecting many new images of Jesus - Jesus as he is revealed in The Urantia Book. These new images portray a LIVING Jesus, engaged in life, engaged with people, going about "doing good." This new and growing collection should intrigue and thrill the soul of anyone who wants to know Jesus better.

There are images of Jesus in the kingdom's first hospital, where he visited the sick and suffering; Jesus as a 14 year-old at the funeral of his earth father, Joseph; Jesus on his travels of the Mediterranean world; Jesus and Rebecca, a young woman who fell in love with him when he was 19 years-old. And there are many others - including a few created by 19th century artists, but most created by 21st century artists.

click to view all of these amazing images.

We say it every time, but it is true: The Urantia Book is the most valuable source of truth about Jesus that you can find on the planet! If you want to know more about him, we invite you to visit the Religious Art Gallery. Click on any of the images in "New Jesus Paintings" to read more of the story.

Knowing Jesus as a living, breathing, productive, vital man among men...all the while manifesting his Divinity through his dedication to doing the Father's will and revealing him to the an experience that must not be missed by any who love and follow the Master.

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