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Building an Emotionally Healthy Family

Building an Emotionally Healthy Family

Author: Angela Bendon

Published: July 13, 2011 at 12:33 am

Socially, there is a ton of emphasis on health: physical health and fitness, emotional well-being and spiritual connection. In a broad sense, ‘health’ is associated with all things good: a longer life, better productivity at work, plenty of time to pursue hobbies and engage in leisure activities. One arena where health, or the distinct lack of it, makes a significant difference is child and adolescent development.

While it would seem obvious to state that most parents wish the best for their children, doing all they can to encourage milestone developments, such as walking, talking, building cognitive skills and social attachments, every family is formed by individuals with differing backgrounds. The health of each family is thus affected by the way each founding parent was raised. Families are usually classified as being one of three types: cohesive, enmeshed or detached. Based on several studies, healthy families fall under the ‘cohesive’ label. Children from cohesive families have fewer behavioral and cognitive issues throughout their lifetimes, with a noted difference in school performance. The following is a list of common characteristics found in cohesive families:

A. Healthy families are SAFE from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Period.

B. Healthy families are a place of learning and unconditional acceptance: parents and children alike admit to and learn from their mistakes without fear of having those misjudgments brought back up in later conversations or used as ammunition during arguments.

C. Healthy families treat one another better than friends and acquaintances: I've always marveled how many people will treat total strangers with great respect and concern, but when it comes to their own relatives, will waste no time finding ways to be less than kind. Our family motto is, "Treat family BETTER than friends. Treat good friends like family."


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