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BOOKS: Maine writer asks, WHAT COMES NEXT?

As long as humans have existed, they’ve been plagued by the question “What comes next?”

THE AFTERLIFE SURVEY, due out from Adams Media, takes a journalistic approach, asking a range of people, including a priest, a rabbi, a CEO, a dog walker, a sheet metal worker, a former US poet laureate and many more what they think. What happens after they die? It also asks how afterlife beliefs are influenced by religion and age and how these beliefs affect ethics, end-of-life care and even what people think happens to pets after they die.

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By Maureen Milliken

Adams Media

Hardcover, 240 pages

Release date: Dec. 18

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For Urantia Book students, life after death is the promise of an endless life of adventure, spiritual growth, and supernal attainment. Please see the following features on our site to sample Urantia revelation studies on this most vital topic:

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