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BOOK REVIEW: Connecting God and science

"Quantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion" by Dean Nelson and Karl Giberson. Image courtesy Lion UK

Authors: Dean Nelson and Karl Giberson

Publisher: Lion UK

Binding: Softcover and e-book

Pages: 192

Price: $14.95 softcover; e-books vary

Particle physicist and cleric aren't typically labels affixed to the same man. The two disciplines, in the minds of many, point to mutually exclusive points of view: one sees knowledge as the product of scientific experimentation, the other looks outside the material, rational world to find truth.

Theoretical physicist turned cleric John Polkinghorne does both.

See "Link to External Source Article" below to read further.


This is a good read - an interesting book about a very interesting man.

Maybe he understands some of the principles that The Urantia Book teaches about SCIENCE

Link to External Source Article

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