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BOOK REVIEW: ‘A Different Jesus’

'A Different Jesus' by Jan Linn questions Christianity's foundation

More and more in the popular press, writers and other thinkers are asking questions about Jesus and his mission to our world. The search for the real Jesus goes on...

The subject of this article is a new book called A Different Jesus by Jan Linn. The article contains this information about Linn's book:

"Linn's book begins with a statement of faith, the opening paragraph declaring: 'This book is written for Christians who believe in Jesus but have serious questions about the meaning of his being the savior of the world. They want to be Christian without believing that God rejects everyone who is not. Ironically, surveys suggest these Christians are actually a majority now, but they don't know that.' "

That caught my attention, and maybe it's interesting to you, too.

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Urantia Book reader/students hold this view as well...why? Because in The Urantia Book, we learn not only the truth of Jesus' mission to our world, but we also learn the nature and personality of God.

The Urantia Book's revelations about God and his loving nature are unlike anything that the average Christian has been taught from the descriptions of God that are found in the Bible. In the pages of The Urantia Book, we are introduced to a loving, tolerant, forgiving God who"delights in the practice of mercy"- a God who is, first and foremost, a PERSON. And this person loves us - each of us - not LIKE a Father, but AS a Father.

Jesus IS God for us

Jesus was, and IS, our most accurate picture of God, and so even if we cannot fully grasp the revelations about God in Part I of The Urantia Book, we can certainly grasp the reality of the person that was Jesus. From studying Jesus' life in Part IV of The Urantia Book, we glean an important and comforting picture of our heavenly Father.

Jesus said: "He who has seen me has seen the Father." It doesn't get any plainer than, when we discover Jesus - the way he lived, how he treated people, the kind of religion that he himself practiced, we are seeing infinite God in action in the finite mortal life of Jesus.

Jesus is such a fascinating person, isn't he? To think that he is not only a real human being, just like you and me...and yet, he is also the incarnation of God. He lived a full life - not only the few years of his public ministry. He was a child, an adolescent, a young man who thought deeply, loved deeply, and served God with undying devotion. He had friends, "he went about doing good" ... "as he passed by." He wished for people to be able to love the Father as he did - he wished for us to get to know God...

From The Urantia Book:

Jesus made it plain that he had come to establish personal and eternal relations with men which should forever take precedence over all other human relationships. And he emphasized that this intimate spiritual fellowship was to be extended to all men of all ages and of all social conditions among all peoples. The only reward which he held out for his children was: in this world—spiritual joy and divine communion; in the next world—eternal life in the progress of the divine spirit realities of the Paradise Father. ~ (141:7.5)
"This bread of life which I give to all who will receive is my own living and combined nature. The Father in the Son and the Son one with the Father—that is my life-giving revelation to the world and my saving gift to all nations." ~ 153:2.12

Are you a Christian believer?

To any Christian believer/seeker who reads this blog, the invitation is there to make a discovery about a "different" Jesus - a Jesus that you may not have learned about, but that you may have suspected...that Jesus was far more than a savior for us; Jesus IS God to us, and for us. When we see and study the life of the Master, we can never again fully be comfortable with the intimidating teachings about God we may have been expected to accept in our churches. Jesus' true mission was to REVEAL GOD to mortals. Here's what he said about that:

"I have come into this world to do the will of my Father and to reveal his loving character to all mankind. That, my brethren, is my mission. And this one thing I will do, regardless of the misunderstanding of my teachings by Jews or gentiles of this day or of another generation ... I declare to you that my Father in Paradise does rule a universe of universes by the compelling power of his love. Love is the greatest of all spirit realities. Truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship. And no matter what blunders your fellow men make in their world management of today, in an age to come the gospel which I declare to you will rule this very world. The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man." ~ 143:1.4

Jesus was not a Christian. He did not establish an earthly church that has exclusivity rights to pass judgment on this or that seeker; his was a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly church. Nevertheless, Christianity comes the closest to Jesus teachings in most respects. The good news is that you can be both a Christian and a person who seeks a truly personal relationship with God that can harmonize, but transcend, any earthly church or its teachings.

It's nice to think that there are a lot of us thinking along these lines, finally. The time is ripe for this new understanding and this new connection to God, and anyone can have it. Follow any of the links above to find out more about Jesus, about God, and about The Urantia Book...

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