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Believing in God Is Good for Your Health

Believing in God is good for your health. Well, kind of. Researchers found that religiousness correlated with improved health, particularly mental health.

Brick Johnstone from Missouri University and his colleagues at MU, Samuel Merritt University in Pennsylvania, and Via Cristi Hospital in Kansas studied the results of three studies. The researchers attempted to discover a correlation between a participant's self-reported mental and physical health, personality traits and their spirituality. They found that there was indeed a correlation between mental health and spirituality. The type of religion in which that the participant believed did not seem to matter.

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From The Urantia Book:

2:7.11 All truth—material, philosophic, or spiritual—is both beautiful and good. All real beauty—material art or spiritual symmetry—is both true and good. All genuine goodness—whether personal morality, social equity, or divine ministry—is equally true and beautiful. Health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of truth, beauty, and goodness as they are blended in human experience. Such levels of efficient living come about through the unification of energy systems, idea systems, and spirit systems.

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