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The Art of Painting Jesus

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This article about Jesus paintings caught my attention: A painting of "Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest. . ." by Gene Veith. I was attracted to it because we have another version of this painting here on TruthBook, and I've used it to illustrate this blog; it is by the same artist - Fritz von Uhde (1848-1911) - but with a slightly different perspective. We'll blog a little below, and tell you about lots more Jesus paintings on our site, but you will enjoy reading this article, I think. It introduces us to a Lutheran "table prayer" as well as giving us a lot of information about the artist. And then, the author goes on to discuss the Presence of God, which is always nice to's a snippet or two:

Luther's Table Prayer given in the Catechism:

The eyes of all look to you, O Lord, and you give them their food at the proper time You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing Lord God, Heavenly Father, bless us and these your gifts, Which we receive from your bountiful goodness. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen

But I've come to appreciate the Common Table Prayer. It draws on a powerful Lutheran teaching: Christ's presence.

Lutheranism is a theology of presence, and this is at the heart of Lutheran Christology: Christ's real presence in the Sacrament, yes; but also His omnipresence thanks to the communication of attributes with the Father, so that He is present in the Divine Service, in the world, in vocation, and, yes, with families when they sit down together in His name for a meal.

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Do you like seeing paintings of Jesus?

We love Jesus paintings here at TruthBook - all kinds of Jesus paintings.

Some people find that artists' renditions of the Master are not very satisfying; that trying to depict Jesus is an exercise in futility. Many paintings portray Jesus in an unfortunate way; The Urantia Book describes some of these paintings:

141:3.6 The pictures of Jesus have been most unfortunate. These paintings of the Christ have exerted a deleterious influence on youth; the temple merchants would hardly have fled before Jesus if he had been such a man as your artists usually have depicted. His was a dignified manhood; he was good, but natural. Jesus did not pose as a mild, sweet, gentle, and kindly mystic. His teaching was thrillingly dynamic. He not only meant well, but he went about actually doing good.

And we've all seen the paintings of Jesus where he looks anemic, wooden, weak, pale-faced, or might be that even some of the paintings we use here on TruthBook in our Illustrated Urantia Book or in the Illustrated Jesus Stories could go against the grain for some. But we do try our best to find and use paintings that depict the Master in a strong or meaningful way.

Moreover, Mo Siegel has taken on a very ambitious effort to commission 21st century artists to depict scenes from The Urantia Book that are not well-known or not known at all. It is an effort that has been in process since 2009, when TruthBook unveiled its first Jesus painting:

One Day ALone With God, by Del Parson.

Since then, the Mo & Jen Siegel Collection has commissioned 33 new paintings of Jesus created by world-famous artists such as Russ Docken, Gerry Metz, Slawa Radziszewska, Jeremy Winborg, Michael Dudash, and Michael Malm. And there are several new paintings still in process!

The collection also contains original paintings by 19th century masters such as Harold Copping and William Hole.

Never-Before-Painted Scenes from Jesus' Life

Some of the best-loved stories from The Urantia Book have been brought to life in this collection: as mentioned above, One Day Alone With God is among the collection. In addition, you'll find Young Jesus With Joseph, My Hour Has Come, Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor, The Master Boatbuilder, Light of the World, Fishers of Men, Living Water, The Kingdom's First Hospital, and Son of God, Son of well as ten paintings of scenes from Jesus' tour of the Mediterranean world. And that's only a few of the's quite a collection!

In addition to the newer paintings in the Mo and Jen Siegel Collection, we've also collected art works from a varied collection of artists, from Rembrandt to the artist mentioned in the article above: Fritz von Uhde...from Carl Bloch to James Tissot...from Salvador Dali to Steve Sawyer. In this collection there are hundreds of images of Jesus as interpreted by a great many artists.

Click to access both collections

Every painting can be enlarged and when you click on the image, you'll find a Urantia Book passage that goes with it, along with a deeper link to the text.

We hope you'll enjoy perusing the Gallery at your leisure and delving deep into the Jesus papers to read the stories that have been so lovingly wrought by artists, both old and new!

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