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Angels Exist says the Pope and The Urantia Book

The religious leader of 1 billion Catholics can't be wrong, can he? Catholics have known the truth of angelic presence for centuries, and it's good to read this article which reminds the modern world that angels are real. Read the article here

Urantia Book readers (even if they are not all Catholic!) agree with Pope Francis about angels because our big blue book reveals the presence of angels, too, and in greater detail than ever revealed before; even the pope doesn’t have the whole story!

The Urantia Book explains who the angels are, where they originate, why and how they help us, and what their destiny is.

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...and more!

From the Mother of angels - the Universe Mother Spirit - to the amazing and comforting description of Seraphic Planetary government on our world, the presence and the ministry of angels is fully explored. Did you know that there is actually an angelic divisional headquarters located right here on earth? It is true... you can read about it here

Here's a brief idea of just how many angels are actually present here on our world (Urantia), according to the Chief of Seraphim who authored Paper 114 on angels:

114:0.2  At noon today the roll call of planetary angels, guardians, and others on Urantia was 501,234,619 pairs of seraphim. There were assigned to my command two hundred seraphic hosts—597,196,800 pairs of seraphim, or 1,194,393,600 individual angels. The registry, however, shows 1,002,469,238 individuals; it follows therefore that 191,924,362 angels were absent from this world on transport, messenger, and death duty. (On Urantia there are about the same number of cherubim as seraphim, and they are similarly organized.)

No matter how bad things seem to be at times, it is a comforting thing to know that the hosts of Heaven know all about us, they have our back, and are working behind the scenes to guide, not only individuals, but this world in the right direction.

By the angels really have wings? Click to read about it here

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