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America's New Religion: None

"More and more Americans, especially young Americans, have developed a deep aversion to institutionalized religion. One fifth of the U.S. public and one third of adults under 30 no longer claim a religious affiliation.

This is a huge change. America was founded by devoted Protestants. Most American presidents have been Protestant—only one has been Catholic. Today, there are no Protestants on the Supreme Court. And for the first time, there were no Protestant nominees on the Republican presidential ticket.

Why is religion losing its grip on Americans? How is religion failing us"

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This author is coming from a Biblical, Christian viewpoint, and it is easy to understand his dismay. Those who are entrenched in Biblical inerrancy and the institutionalized church have a great opportunity, though, to step out of the box and create churches and fellowships that will better serve the truthseekers, who are jaded, to say the least...

There is a wealth of teaching in The Urantia Book that can help with this, if one's mind is open to the real religion OF Jesus. Right now, the religions ABOUT him are on the wane, and with good reason:

Please see:

The Social Problems of Religion, and also this section:


But, what is this "Religion of Jesus?" Read about it HERE

The heart of this religion is personal spiritual experience

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