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A Place Where Jesus Really Stood

A place where Jesus actually stood by Jerry Johnston, Deseret News

Do you know this story?

"...there is one place where scholars, scientists and spiritual leaders all agree is a place where Jesus certainly stood.

"And the site is not even in Jerusalem. Not in Nazareth. Not in Bethlehem.

"It's in ancient Samaria.

"It is the well — Jacob's Well — where Jesus met the woman and told her he was life's living water.

"The location of Jacob's Well is pretty specific in the New Testament, and the current well has been known as Jacob's Well for eons."

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It's fun to find articles like this in the popular press; it's wonderful to have an opportunity to share with you these familiar stories from the Bible, but as they are narrated for us in Part IV of The Urantia Book: The Life and Teachings of Jesus.

As this article points out, the meeting of Jesus with the woman at the well was a very significant meeting. Not only was Jesus bold in even speaking to this woman, but it as to her that he made his first declaration of his divinity. About this, The Urantia Book states:

"This was the first direct, positive, and undisguised pronouncement of his divine nature and sonship which Jesus had made on earth; and it was made to a woman, a Samaritan woman, and a woman of questionable character in the eyes of men up to this moment, but a woman whom the divine eye beheld as having been sinned against more than as sinning of her own desire and as now being a human soul who desired salvation, desired it sincerely and wholeheartedly, and that was enough."

The story in John 4 is the only version of this story that the world has known up until The Urantia Book was given to us. In The Urantia Book, we see this familiar story expanded and fleshed-out. We learn the woman's name (Nalda) and we learn much more about her, and about this momentous meeting that long-ago day.

Click to read the whole story as told in The Urantia Book.

As is the case with many of the stories in the Bible, The Urantia Book gives us a whole new way to know these stories. This whole paper - Paper 143: Going Through Samaria is full of interesting stories. The woman at the well in Sychar is there, yes, but also stories that you may not be so familiar with ... stories like:

Jesus' preaching at Archelais, where Jesus expands on the kingdom gospel

Jesus' Lesson on Self-Mastery

Jesus' lesson on Diversion and Relaxation,

The real backstory regarding the bad feelings between the Jews and Samaritans

And the discourse of Jesus on Prayer and Worship

Click on any of the links, and enjoy reading this new revelation of Jesus in Paper 143 of the Urantia Book - only one of over 70 papers in Part IV that are devoted to the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

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